Aug 21 - long swim and German Pork Knuckles
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Bangkok just now. Map of lovely Thailand and Jomtien.

August 2012

  1. Wednesday
  2. Thursday
    In Bangkok
  3. Friday
    Loafing around
  4. Saturday
    Pim arrived
  5. Sunday
    Visiting Jiratip
  6. Monday
    More Ambassador
  7. Tuesday
    Pork knuckle
  8. Wednesday
    Toom no show
  9. Thursday
    More of the same
  10. Friday
    Writing Postcards
  11. Saturday
    Pin came
  12. Sunday
    Off to Lopburi
  13. Monday
    Lopburi Inn Resort
  14. Thuesday
    Back to Bangkok
  15. Wednesday
    Lunch with Pin
  16. Thursday
    Enjoying Bangkok
  17. Friday
    Not ready yet!

September 2012

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Another lazy day with the normal 3000 meters swim before lunch. Watch the video.

Amphol pool boy is cleaning the pool in the morning.

Amphol has been at The Ambassador as long as Martin has been there.

Nice military man with 5 small girls he is training in swimming.

Scarf cunts are every where, even in Thailand.

Martin was sitting outside his German Beer Garden watching the working girls passing by. Not much business around noon.

Bastard dog in the street.

Tueng, the waiter is serving Martin his pork knuckle with Sauer kraut.

It is the grilled version and reminds Martin about traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner, pork ribs. The crisp is the same. Watch the video.

The knuckle in detail. Very tasty German food.

The workers at The Rosabieng restaurant.

Scarf cunts are taking pictures as well. In their long, black dresses in 350 Centigrade must be hot and depressing.

Martin and Prim, a nice lesbian Martin met at the Rosabieng.

Time for a night snack. The selection is awesome because the chef is very good.

The next day, Wednesday  August 22nd, it was time forToom or Somsakul, a weird woman. She did not show up.

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