Aug 26 - Lopburi Inn Resort
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Bangkok just now. Map of lovely Thailand and Jomtien.

August 2012

  1. Wednesday
  2. Thursday
    In Bangkok
  3. Friday
    Loafing around
  4. Saturday
    Pim arrived
  5. Sunday
    Visiting Jiratip
  6. Monday
    More Ambassador
  7. Tuesday
    Pork knuckle
  8. Wednesday
    Toom no show
  9. Thursday
    More of the same
  10. Friday
    Writing Postcards
  11. Saturday
    Pin came
  12. Sunday
    Off to Lopburi
  13. Monday
    Lopburi Inn Resort
  14. Thuesday
    Back to Bangkok
  15. Wednesday
    Lunch with Pin
  16. Thursday
    Enjoying Bangkok
  17. Friday
    Not ready yet!

September 2012

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Martin packed up and went to Lopburi Inn Resort.

The route Martin took from Bangkok to Lopburi. Click the picture for a bigger one.

This is the cab driver Martin will use. Check the creation time on the bottom of this page.

A last look at Martin's beloved pool.

Martin's sun bed. Many hours of tanning here.

Phatini, Martin's cab driver, arrived before the time.

Phanarini, nice bell boy at the ambassador, spoke good English.

Nana Hotel under the Sky Train.

Lovely sales lady from a shop. She spoke good English and was very helpful.

Martin had a leak in this lovely urinal.

Nice mountain top close to Lopburi.

Lopburi Inn Resort. Almost there

The theme of the hotel was monkeys, and they were everywhere.

Good bye to Thanin, happy cab driver that got his money for the drive.

Monkeys everywhere you look.

Nice pool, close to 40 meters.

Golden monkey was big.

Boo is very stern.

Boo and Martin had a nice dinner before bed time.

Lovely Chang girl at the newly build restaurant.

Boo takes a solid grip on her pussy before going to bed. She does not want to share it with anybody. After 13 years in the army, she has become a boy. Martin doesn't like boys. He like pussies.



The next day, Monday  August 27th, it was time for some tourist behavior on Martin's behalf.

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