Jun 4 - off to GM Doc Let Beach Resort.
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Leaving Nha Trang
for Whale Island

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Whale Island

Jun 2
Whale Island

Jun 3
Whale Island

Jun 4
Whale Island

Jun 5
Paradise Resort  Doc Let

Jun 6
Paradise Resort  Doc Let

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We went to GM Doc Let Beach Resort & Spa.

Lovely reception at the hotel.

Our last look at Whale Island.

It was only 2 stars, but extremely expensive. Not worth the price. Some13,5 mill dongs or 587 USD for 4 nights with 3 meals.

Plastic rubbish in the sea.

Sand dunes at our landing village.

Our new hotel, GM Doc Let Beach Resort & Spa. Very nice room.

On our balcony.

Nice water for flowers.

Nice dummy donkey for children.

The threesome on the balcony, Martin, Phuong and ViAnh.

Lovely garden setup.

Black and white plastic horses.

We stayed at ground floor. Very nice.

The pool.

It is very attractive.

Lovely horses.

The pool is 40x10 meters, real big.

Empty restaurants. Hardly any guests.

Row of empty sun beds.

Martin At breakfast.

Martin and ViAnh.


The beach with view to the neighboring  cement factory.

ViAnh in action.  

On Saturday June 5th, it was time for a nice day at GM Doc Let Beach Resort & Spa.

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