Jun 3 - Anoter lovely day on Whale Island.
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Leaving Nha Trang
for Whale Island

Jun 1
Whale Island

Jun 2
Whale Island

Jun 3
Whale Island

Jun 4
Whale Island

Jun 5
Paradise Resort  Doc Let

Jun 6
Paradise Resort  Doc Let

Jun 7 Back to
Nha trang


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Another lovely day on Whale Island and our last.

Martin on his early morning swim.

The mainland is in the background.

Martin and his marks.

Overview of the swimming pahts.

Our transportation boats back and forth to the mainland.

Phuong having a swim too.

ViAnh and Phuong.

ViAnh with one of te local girls, daughter of one of the staff members.

ViAnh and Phuong.

ViAnh loves to play wit the crab.

Sunset at the bay. Sun is gone 1756.

Martin and selfie.

Martin at the beach watching the sunset. And taking a video.  

On Friday June 4th, it was time to go to our next stop, GM Doc Let Beach Resort & Spa.


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