Oct 4 - Phom Penh.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Cambodia.

Sep 28
Back in Nha Trang.

Sep 29
Nha Trang.

Sep 30
Off to Saigon.

Oct 1
0ff to Mekong & Cai Be

Oct 2
Tan Chau

Oct 3
Phnom Penh

Oct 4
Phnom Penh

Oct 5
Kamphong Cham

Oct 6
Kamphon Chhnang

Oct 7
Tonle Lake

Oct 8
Jaya House

Oct 9
Angkor Wat
Siem Reap

Oct 10
Phnom Penh

Oct 11
Phnom Penh

Oct 12
Phnom Penh

Oct 13
Phnom Penh

Oct 14
Off to Saigon

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Nice city tour and visit to Raffles Hotel La Royale.

Skyline Oh Phnom Penh.

It is a modern city today.

Our neighbor at the quay.

Many of them.

Impressive saloon.

Martin's biker no. 11.

Fat Martin in his rickshaw.

Off we went.

Temples are a must. This is one of them.

And an old king.

Fiches tree or banyan tree.


Fancy birds.

Many of them.

A well known rooster.

Bushy tailed stone lions.

Stony can smile.

Lion's ass.


Cambodian royalties.

City scene.

Old lady.

Intelligence center, whatever that is.

Nice building.

Off on our rickshaws.

Fancy trees.

Bronze left overs.

Old museum.


Museum building.

June and Martin with monks.


Monks and group members.

Biking hard.

Old fashioned can patent.

Large sand succer.

Standing cops.

Empty flats going up.

Cops on their asses.

School children for the Cuban officials.

Elephant bar at Raffles Hotel.

Groups for Cubans.

Owner and bar at The Elephant Bar.

Booze choices.

Martin and cookies.

The bar itself.

Martin and cookies.


Pool towels.

Nice pool.

Delegation commie boys from Cuba.

Nice pool.

Raffles at 400 USD a night. Not for Martin.  

On Wednesday October 5th, it was time for Silk Island.

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