Apr 17 - Island trip by boat.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.

Leaving Nha Trang

Apr 14
Off to Saigon

Apr 15
Bus to Can Tho

Apr 16
Sightseeing Can Tho

Apr 17
Can Tho

Apr 18
Leaving Can Tho

Apr 19
Back to Nha Trang


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This day we visited one of the many islands in the delta.

Off to the harbor.

Ferry bringing the bikes over to various islands in the delta.

Cash lady doing her job, well dressed.

There are more than 60 mill motorbikes in Vietnam. Here are some of them.

Phuong picked this local boy as our tour guide.

Not many on the tourist ship.

On the boat.

Nice couple.

Landed on a fish farm.

Cat fish. Very expensive to eat they say. But it is only 70 to 80 cents a kilo, wholesale.

Phuong gets her feet cleaned by the fish. Then the fish got fed. Nice show.

Time for a beer.

Here is the cat fish owner.

The farm itself. The fish are in these holding tanks, feed by fodder, basically made from other fish.

Phuong and Martin having fun.

On land for a walk.

This is a longan farm. The last statistics show a production of 527 tons of logan was produced in 2019.

A local boat we travelled with on our way back to the ferry queu.

More water hyacinth in the canals.

Martin gets longan served.

Phuong with longan.

Martin enjoyed it.

Good rules.

Biggest bananas Martin has ever seen in Vietnam.

Lovely row of palm trees.

Making chop sticks out of bamboo. Not plastic.

A restaurant in the middle of the wilderness.

Martin got served boiled bananas. Not nice. Reminded him too much about the boiled potatoes back in Norway.

Phuong coming back after her solo trip.

Ready to go.

Again the shit weed.

On the boat. It was small.

Main boat back to Can Tho.

The weed is omnipresent. Impossible to get rid of.

Lovely river.

Off to a temple. Here is the overview.

It is really a big one.

Rows of stone monks cut out of solid granite.

The cutting details are remarkabale.

Rows of monks.

Martin with the monk with the best hair cut.

Martin and his favorite Buddha.

Phuong and a female Buddha.

Phuong with the massive bell.

Phuong praying.

Lovely garden.

There was a herb doctor on the premises. Here is some of his raw material.

Martin with a Nazi Buddha. The swastika was a Buddhist symbol some 2000 years ago.

They know how to make plants.

The had their own garden with stone figures.

Saying good bye to the guard outside the temple.  

On Sunday April 18th, it was time to return to Saigon and Nha Trang.

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