Apr 16 - Sightseeing Can Tho.
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Leaving Nha Trang

Apr 14
Off to Saigon

Apr 15
Bus to Can Tho

Apr 16
Sightseeing Can Tho

Apr 17
Can Tho

Apr 18
Leaving Can Tho

Apr 19
Back to Nha Trang


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Our first full day in Can Tho.

Here you see where Can Tho is situated in the Delta. On the West-most edges of the delta.

The pool on the 6th floor was fantastic. 30 by 20 meters and an even depth of 1,2 metes.

The view from the pool.

The vie from the pool of the city.

They had palm trees growing on the floor. They had plenty of earth underneath.


The one end of the pool.

Martin in the pool pointing out the clock he borrowed from the pool attendant.

Lovely pool bar that Martin visited in the afternoon.

Here, Martin is passing the clock, keeping tab on his time.

Really lovely in the morning with no children. In the afternoon, it was crowded by children.

Then a lovely breakfast. The food is fantastic on these VinPearl Hotels.

Lovely fruit.

The restaurant is enormous. Can handle a lot of people. It is laid out very smartly so there is no queues anywhere.

I call this breakfast sumptuous. It  is grand and obviously expensive and has everything.


Her we have Martin's lovely junk food. Different kind of sausages.

Bacon is also one of Martin's junk food favorites.

Off to the river. We are after all, in the Mekong delta.

Our restaurant ship from the night before.

Another restaurant ship with no customers.

Our local boat taking us for a ride.

Boat IDs on the side of the ship.

Martin and Phuong on the boat.

One of the many barges on the river.

This is on of the many branches of the Mekong river. See the map above.

One big long-tail boat with a V6 Martin presumes. Very common.

Our hotel seen from the river.

Another barge transporting a digger.

Phuong on the bow of the boat. Martin is happy sitting where he is.

Shit weed. The water hyacinth is native to the Amazon Basin in South America.

It is clogging up the rivers and canals for Vietnam.

One of the many bridges across the tributaries of Mekong.

More of the shit. It is a tough plant to get rid off all over the world.

The floating market. Here a shipload of water melons are coming in.

There are some attempt to use the weed for something useful.

It is every where. Water hyacinth can be used as a vegetable, fodder, green manure, compost and mulch for soil improvement. Much research has been devoted to its use as a feed material for many classes of livestock.

It ferments rapidly due to its high water content and can supply biomass for biogas production.

Our local town.

Phuong loves her phone. Cannot live without it.

The floating market.

Boats come in and sell stuff wholesale to the local merchants.

It is every where. Water hyacinth is a pest and a plague over most of the world. Except Scandinavia where it is too cold for the shit. Whatch the video.

Time for a break on our trip.

Big shop sells anything dried from the river, including frogs.

Dried fish of all kinds.

Back to the city where we visited and old French jail.

Two of the wax figures, ready to be executed.

The prison was used as a transit camp before the French shipped them to Con Dao, the main prison island in Vietnam during the colonial times. Martin went to Con Dao in September 2020.

Prison room with leg irons.

Not a nice way to treat anybody.

Phuong didn't like her photo taken with one of the prison guards.

Phuong with the prison guards in wax.

Then off to the Army Museum of Can Tho.

Martin at the M41 tank used by Vietnam against the Pol Pot bandits.

Selection of American military hardware captured after 1975,

A M48, American tanks, also used against the Pol Pot murderes.

Martin liked his M41 with dual 40mm guns.

A SAM (Surface to Air Missile) and Phuong.

Phuong playing with the wheel of the M48 Patton tank.

Details of the 105 mm howitzer. Nice piece of equipment.

The indoor museum was closed for the day.

Ship guns used in the invasion of Indochina in 1865. Phuong shown here.

Martin likes them too.

On Saturday April 17th, it was time for another boat trip and a visit to a local island in the Mekong delta.

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