Apr 20 - Returning to Saigon.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Cambodia.

Arriving in Cambodia

Apr 16
Indian restaurant

Apr 17
Shooting Range

Apr 18
Booze Cruise

Apr 19
Shooting Range

Apr 20
Back to SGN

Apr 21
Saigon Consulate shit

Apr 22
Back to Norway

Apr 23
In Norway

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Leaving Cambodia and meeting a snotty, unhelpful and hostile employee at the honorable Norwegian Consulate in Saigon.

We arrived way to early to the airport at 0400. The check in started at 0500.

Martin waiting for some time.

Finally boarding.

Arrived in Saigon after a 45 minutes flight.

Waiting for the Grab in the parking area.

Then off to the hotel A25 and then to the Police to pick up sine papers.

June and Martin enjoying our beers. It is a nice place.

Nice waitress.

She served us well. We can recommend the place.


In the evening, we went to Coco restaurant.

Martin is short-sighted.

Settle for the dishes. Martin took pork-knuckles and June chose spicy squid.

Martin's took pork-knuckles. Very nice and rightly spiced.


On Friday April 21st, it was time for Martin's last full stay in Saigon.

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