Apr 19 - Shotun range shit and lovely dinner.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Cambodia.

Arriving in Cambodia

Apr 16
Indian restaurant

Apr 17
Shooting Range

Apr 18
Booze Cruise

Apr 19
Shooting Range

Apr 20
Back to SGN

Apr 21
Saigon Consulate shit

Apr 22
Back to Norway

Apr 23
In Norway

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We went to he range and we met a shit brat. Then to Stonegrill Japanese reastaurant, Martin's favorite.

Martin is considering staying in Phnom Penh for the duration of August. Here are som pictures form 3 different room and price ranges.

This little snobbish brat think she is the greatest in the world and mess you around because she can.

The range should get rid of her.

Nice meat out in the open.

It is stacks of it in the market.

They even have scarf cunts in Cambodia.

Lots of fresh prawns.

Special cheese paste made from fish. Smelled horrible.

Fresh vegetables of all kind.

June and Zim in the market.

Martin i having a roadside beer while June and Zim went shopping.

It's nice next to the road.

Lovely local girl serving Martin.

View from the chair.

Plenty fresh meat in the heat.

Zim at Stonegrill restaurant.

Getting the hotplate served.

The dessert.

Nice lady saying good bye.

SPetra showing us around in the apartment building. Very few people there.  

On Thursday April 20th, it was time for

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