Apr 18 - Dosegi BBQ & Booze Cruise.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Cambodia.

Arriving in Cambodia

Apr 16
Indian restaurant

Apr 17
Shooting Range

Apr 18
Booze Cruise

Apr 19
Shooting Range

Apr 20
Back to SGN

Apr 21
SaigonConsulate shit

Apr 22
Back to Norway

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Another interesting day with Korean BBQ and a booze cruise in the evening.


Dosegi Korean BBQ as seen from the outside and the sign above.

Looking towards the inside from the outside. Martin's favorite table was taken.

Looking from the inside towards the outside.

Getting hot coals is the starter of the meal.

The salads were excellent.


Then we started to cook the meat with the right amount of spices. The carrots were not so well done.

Martin is digging in.

They give some decent tools to cut up the meat.

Martin and the boss Hanna.

She has taken the name Hanna.
Hannah (Hebrew: חַנָּה, Romanized: hannah) also spelled Hanna, Hana or Chana, is a feminine given name of Hebrew origin. It is derived from the root ḥ-n-n, meaning "favor" or "grace"; A Dictionary of First Names attributes the name to a word meaning 'He (God) has favored me with a child'.

Here is may hero Hanna from NCIS Los Angeles.

Where we will go tomorrow afternoon.

Then we went off to the booze cruise. Second time Martin has done this and he enjoys it.


It is always nice on a boat.


What Martin does best, enjoying a Cambodian beer called Cambodia.

The snacks were simple but very delicious.

Wormuth, the main guide.

Wormuth and Martin having a discussion about Khmer Rouge and Vietnam's involvement in 1978.


They went on for some time.

The other tour guide was Simon.  

On Wednesday April 19th, it was time for

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