Aug 28 - Trip Around Phu Quoc
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Aug 26
Leaving Nha Trang

Aug 27
at Phu Quoc

Aug 28
Phu Quoc

Aug 29
Phu Quoc

Aug 30
Phu Quoc

Aug 31
Phu Quoc

Sep 1
Extra day in Saigon
Due to Ticket screw-ups

Sep 2


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We hired a car for the day and travelled around the island.

We visited a pearl shop, a rock temple, an old prison, a national park and had crabs at a fishing village.

The garden outside our room is really green and lush. Really lovely place.


The pool has a stupid barrier 3 meters from the one end. It makes it difficult to swim.


We started our trip 0841 and were back at around 1500 hours.

The first stop was a rock temple. Here the landside part of it.

Phuong always pray when the opportunity gives.

Inside the temple with ViAnh.

Common in Vietnam. People donate money and get their names engraved on chairs and the like.

Martin and ViAnh outside.

Martin and Phuong outside.

Phuong and ViAnh are praying again.

Leaving the temple. The gate is green on the inside and red from the outside.


The Rock Temple or Dinh Cau Rock Temple.

Phuong praying again.

There is an old light house on the rocks.

Martin was very impressed with this mosaic.

The Buddhas were locked up for safe keeping during the nights.


The harbor is very impressive.

Martin likes this worn down rock.

Phuong on a windy cliff.

Temple entrance on the rocks.

Off to the pearly shop. Here the flower decorations in the entrance.

Plenty of beautiful pearls.

The entrance to the pearly gates.

The formal name of the place.

Prison camp from the Vietnam war run by the South-Vietnamese.

Barbered wire with guards and dogs, today in plastic.

Prison blocks.

The infamous "Tiger Cages" were VCs and North-Vietnamese were held.

Not a pleasant experience in the blistering sun.

Little bit of friendly persuasion by the local guards.

Some managed to tunnel out. They kept it as a very powerful display.

Little bit more explanation with a political undertone.

Not nice ways to treat prisoners.

Off to the National Park that is basically a commercialized undertaking with shops and hotels.

Nice beaches with ditto prices.

Phuong and ViAnh on the beach. Not happy.

Off to the fishing village for some seafood. It was in the sea so to speak.

The view from our table, construction going on next door.

Phuong is buying som extra veggies for her.

ViAnh's and Martin's crabs are coming up. They were really delicious.

Phuong had her special veggie food, tofu backed in foil.

Nice lunch and time to leave.

At the entrance, you had the aquariums with the food displayed. Shellfish and some normal fishes.

ViAnh visited a new pearly shop.

Here you have glass cages which look like aquariums, but have no water.

A dried underwater plant.

A beautiful decorated coral on its stand.

Buildings are going up, but are there any takers?

More empties. It is heavily overinvested on Phu Quoc. There is time buyers for these apartments.

In the evening we went to a nice restaurant around the corner with a very lovely menu.

ViAnh had fun and Martin ordered a Sapporo, Japanese beer very smooth.

ViAnh ordere chicken legs. Two big ones.


Crazy Kim's mother had a restaurant named after her.

Crazy Kim's niece with Martin's business card from the school.

ViAnh playing around with Martin and straws of rice. Eatable.

Martin ordered lamb chops and they were really lovely.

Martin and Sang, the waiter and step-son of the owners wife.

Grandma Kim and her niece.


On Saturday August 28th, it was time for some iland hopping around Phu Quoc.

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