Jan 5-Feb 1. Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hue. Paradise & Tuy Hoa.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Tuy Hoa.



Jan 5-9, Nha Trang

Jan 9-11, Da Nang

Jan 12-14, Hue

Jan 16-27, Nha trang

Jan 27-28, Paradise Resort

Jan 29-Feb01, Tuy Hoa

Feb02. Leaving for Laos.

Feb18-20, Back in Tuy Hoa

Feb 21-23, Nha Trang.

Feb 24-25, Paradise.

Feb 26-28, Tuy Hoa.

Feb 29, Leaving for Norway.

Apr 24-27, Vietnam.

Apr 28-May 3, Tuy Hoa.

May 4-9, Nha Trang.

May 10-13, Paradise Resort

May 18, Evening cruise

May 14-21, Nha Trang

May 22-24, Paradise Resort

May 25-29, Tuy Hoa

May 30-31, BinhHoa

June 1-4, Haiphong





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We arrived back from Tuy Hoa on the 4th of January and on the 11th, we went to Daa Nang and Hue.

On Jan 6th, our first visit to Mockba in 2024.

At Verizon restaurant close to the old pool, they have local beer at a reasonable price.

The food and beer is very good at Mockba and to very reasonable prices.  
Verizon restaurant has beers on 1 liters kegs at a reasonable prize.

It is a nice atmosphere.


And good service

The waiter in charge.

Busy restaurant.

On the morning of Jan 9th, we arrived in Da Nang and checked in at Sala Danang Beach Hotel.


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