Dec 5-7, Toy Hoa & Sala Grand.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Nha Trang, Vietnam.



Dec  5 -  11, Tuy Hoa

Dec  12 - 20, Nha Trang

Dec   20 - 23, Rami's joint.

Dec 23 - 25, Paradise Resort

Dec 25 - 31, Sala Grand, Tuy Hoa


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Rip-offs are every where. But not in Thu Hoa.

They had shit weather in Nha Trang too, but at 24 degrees centigrades, that is not a big problem. This is the view from our room.


Still raining the second day in Tuy Hoa.

Ha and Vianh at the dinner table.


June and Martin.

On Wednesday, Dec 8th, we went out for a chicken dinner. First some photos at the hotel.

Ha and Viahn are best friends.


In the room, family photo. All 4 of us.

June and Martin.

The Christmas with Ha and ViAnh in it at Sala Hotel.


They have the most delicious breakfast at Sala Grand. Brown bread, bacon, smoked mackerel. liver paste and vegetables for the main course. Pork stew for starters and yoghurt for dessert. That keeps you going the whole day.  
On Thursday December 7th, we we to Kicochi House Ph Yn which is situated in Tuy Hoa.

Martin in his apron.

Food is on the grill.

View from the table.

On Saturday December 9th, we went to Martin's favorite street restaurant for fish. Martin's fish platter.

June and ViAnh had fish hotpot.


All 4 at the table. We moved closer to the street later.

Spicy platter with half developed eggs. Not for Martin.

Monday the 11th was the first day that started with sunshine.

Martin had just finished his 1600 meters morning swim.

Martin relaxing in his gown from the hotel.

It is very beautiful on the 17th floor in the morning.

Time for lovely breakfast. Brown bread with egg, smoked mackerel and fruit and plenty bacon.

June also posed in the sun.

The breakfast table is amazing.

Lovely reception at Sala Grand.


Time to leave.

We got a new driver, Tin.

He is a former student of Martin.

They had a nice tree in the lobby at Sala Grand.



On Tuesday December 12th, we went to Nha Trang before first  going to Rami in Cam Ran on Dec 20th, and then to Paradise Resort for Christmas on the 23rd of December 2023.

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