Thailand Sep 15 - Nov 16, 2017
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Nang Rong




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We spent the time in Jomtien before we went to Nang Rong.

It rains in Jomtien.

The El-meter has to be read.

Ditto water-meter. It pays off.

The battery went bust and Martin needed a new one.

Martin's favorite restaurant, Surf Kitchen with Art, a very nice waiter.

Lai's claim to the insurance company. They make it as difficult as possible to get the money you are due.

Cute little girl an a bike with no helmet.

Martin with his snake drink from Cambodia.

Down the hatch. It tasted horrible. Like rotten fish stink.

Morning view of the sea.

Morning sun.

Morning sea.

Construction, not much.

Neighbor building to the South.

Construction, not much.

A new soup outlet across the street.

Our block seen from the soup restaurant.


The restaurant with Lai and Martin at the table. Condo in the backround.

Our bobly cleaning lady. She is a lovely person.

At Mamas, Lai and Martin.

Tom and Jokke at Mama's.

In May the cut everything down. Today it is back.

Due to all the rain, it is really lush.

Another bankrupt project. It is overinvested in condos in Jomtien.  
On Sunday October  29th, it was time to go to Nang Rong.


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