Jul 16 - 23, Westwood still
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.


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Tanya's first visit.

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Another busy week with shooting, swimming, house maintenance and reloading.


Thursday evening, July 19th, Martin visited Jorunn and her man Kjell, made this "beer hen". lovely.

Martin and the beer hen. Lovely.

Martin taking inventory of his ammo in the safe.

Fransticheck is helping.

Franstcheck made a new shed for Martin's wood. Very well done.


Here is the wood shelf for winter wood filled by Franstcheck.


The new wood shed. Expertly made by Franstcheck. Half filled.

Martin's veranda. Due to the drought, there has been only one attempt to use the wood grill. The gas grill is used though.

Tanya's mattress is being aired and sunned before her arrival on August

On Sunday July 22nd, Martins started shooting left and right hand.

First 6 shots right hand.

Andrej shot too. Here he is ready for one hand shooting.

Then 6 shots left hand. See the video.

Martin shooting left hand. Andrej in the back to the left.

After shoot photo. From the left, Andrej, Martin K and Martin T.

Martin cleaned up under the bed downstairs. The picture to record what is there.

On Tuesday July 24th, it was time for the fourth week of July.

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