Jul 8 - 15, lovely Summer in Norway.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.


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A lovely Summer with maintenance, shooting and swimming in Tønsberg.

Martins are having an early morning coffee befor going shooting Sunday morning.

Look at the video of the garden at WestWood. lovely Summer.

Martin is taking the used cases out to get the shit separated from the cases.

He puts it in a netting box to shake it out from the cases.

Martin is putting the dust free cases in the vibrator for polishing. See the video of the process.  
Bricks waiting for the cement to harden. Most probably will have to be redone.

The neighbor at 38 is replacing the tiles. Martin's are more solid and will still last for another 50 years.

The neighbor's house was build the same year as Martin's, 1965-66.

Martins targets at the shooting range.

Martin is adjusting the camera angle.

Martin is testing the Glock for ammo functionality. The Glock had one stovepipe due to unclean gun or sloppy grip.

Sunday July 15th, we had a mini-party shoot with two nice Poles friends of Martin K. From the left: Alex, MartinK, MarcinM and MartinT.

On the range, getting the last instruction. Watch the video of MarcinM and Alex and MartinK+T.

Not a nice Pole, Tomasz Jakub Luszczkiewicz, that cheated Martin T  for some NOK 12 000 and used to be Martin K's boss some years back. The picture is taken in 2014 and used for target practice.  

On Monday July 16th, it was time for more of the same.

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