Martin's Summer of 2018 in Norway.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.


Jun 1 - 7

Jun 8 - 15

Jun 16 - 23

Jun 24 - 30

Jul 1 - 7

Jul 8 - 15

Jul 16 - 23

Jul 24 - 31

Aug 1 - 7

Aug 3 - 5
Tanya's first visit.

Aug 8 - 15

Aug 16 - 23

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Martin stayed in Norway from May 31st to August 22nd when he returned to Thailand.

Since the pool is closed in Tønsberg, Martin has to go to Sandefjord som 35 kms away.

This is the rear end of the hotel, next to the bus stop.

The outdoor restaurant.

The reception of Scandic Park Hotel, Sandefjord.

Down to the basement with the pool area.

Up to the pool.

They have a steam bath that is very nice.

The pool itself is 12,5 meters long. That means 160 laps for Martin to make 2000 meters.

The scale is not much. Very unreliable.

The sauna is OK, and very standard.

On June 7th, Martin arranged his favorite competition. Full Rock'n Roll.

Making ready.

One handed shooting. You have a video of 9 minutes or 100 MBytes you can watch.  
On Friday Jun 8th, it was time for second week of June, 2018.


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