South Africa, Nov 22 - Nov 30, 2006

Daily activities November 2006
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  1. Tuesday
    Departure Norway

  2. Wednesday
    Arrival SA

  3. Thursday
    Somerset West

  4. Friday
    Gun pickup

  5. Saturday
    Shooting Range

  6. Sunday
    Walk & X

  7. Monday
    Reloading Strand

  8. Tuesday
    Mossel Bay

  9. Wednesday
    Jeffrey's Bay

  10. Thursday
    Kidd's Beach

Daily activities December 2006

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Summing it all up.


Martin T. (to the right) had pleasant and fascination trip to South Africa in the period above. Martin has his party hat on.

Above you have a map that shows South Africa on the African continent.

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Tuesday, Nov 21 - Departure from Norway and trip to London

To the left, my luggage at the bus stop at 0530 in the morning waiting for the bus.

To the right, a not so hot breakfast at the Oslo Airport, Gardemoen.

But when Martin gets his early morning beer and a piece of raw fish in the form of sushi, his happy.

Boarding the BA flight to London in misty, rainy and windy weather.

Time to depart at London's Heathrow airport.

And walking the long winding corridors of the airport. Even this one is rather straight ahead.

And at Heathrow, a fish meal is always lovely at the seafood bar.

A couple of goofing waiters having some fun and performing for the camera.

Some waiter took the whole thing far more serious.

But Martin was very happy with his meal.

That seafood platter that made Martin happy. Plus a couple of bottles of light white wine did the trick.

At Heathrow, they take no chances. The cutting knifes are actually wired to the counter

A grumpy pommy couple not enjoying themselves it looks like.

But Martin having Guinness for desert makes him smile.

This friendly face belongs to a smiley French businessman. Also having seafood platter.

And of course, Martin needed another Guinness of beer. The cupbearer  busy with Martin's second beer.

BA managed to loose Martin's coolerbag with the computer and gun. As a compensation he got to fly Business Class, where all the drinks were free. So Martin had a few before falling asleep.  

Next morning, Wednesday 22nd, Martin arrived in South Africa. With no gun for the time being.
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Daily activities in SA during December 2006.

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