With Puna, Jan 30 - Feb 11, 2013 
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

January   2013

  1. Wednesday
    Off to Prachantakham
  2. Thursday
    Blood Test

February  2013

  1. Friday
  2. Saturday
    Puna's house
  3. Sunday
    Dasada hotel
  4. Monday
    Off to Bangkok
  5. Tuesday
    Fooling around
  6. Wednesday
    Floating Market
  7. Thursday
    Lazy day
  8. Friday
    LadyBoy Show
  9. Saturday
    Sky Bar Again
  10. Sunday
    Off to Norway
  11. Monday
    Back in Norway
  1. Thursday
    Leaving Norway
  2. Friday
    Arrived in Thailand
  3. Saturday
    Not ready yet
  4. Sunday
    Not ready yet
  5. Monday
    Leaving Puna

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On January 30th, Martin went off to Prachantakham. Click the map above.

  Martin's old room 33 at the ground floor in ViewTalay 2A.

Bye for now. Phil Christy's banner over Martin's 33.

Room 22 from the inside. More than adequate for Martin.

Farewell to ViewTalay for now.

Dao, Martin's driver that took him to Prachantakham some 185 kms away.

Time for a gas stop. Most long hauls in Thailand use gas. Norway has plenty natural gas but does not utilize in any way. Norway just sells it for cool cash.

Dao's car in line for gas.

The natural gas is under an enormous pressure, some 2000 psi. Here is the filling mechanisms.

MayNot, the very well English spoken receptionist doesn't like Martin and behaved very grumpy

But the other staff were all smiles, particularly after a fat tip.

One of the garden huts on the premises.

A big pond is next door.

The swimming pool is a full length 25 meters long with 6 lanes. Very nice to swim in.

The girls are carrying Martin's stuff to his room 3 at The Baan Wungtawun Hotel.

Martin's room from the rear.

The pool is very nice and tempting and Martin tried it out, covering 1000 meters in it just after arrival.

The room is very small, just one big bed, a lazy chair and a TV plus a very Spartan bathroom.

Martin went for a walk and found this weird building next door.

It was only one restaurant on the street just serving soup. Martin may try it out when Puna is at work.

During his walk, Martin spotted another weird building with an even weirder wooden construction in the front.


The hotel sign of The Baan Wungtawun Hotel is very difficult to spot from the road. Dao missed it twice.

Puna is showing Martin her swim suit for the next day.

Sam IT-guy fixing his face in front of the mirror.

Shy Thai lady from the same company as Puna, Toyota.

Mama soup boss preparing the soup for the Korean barbeque.

Martin and Puna.

The raw material for the barbeque. Meat and vegetables.

Puna and Martin making the last preparations for the food. Last lot of the vegetables goes in.


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The next day, Thursday, January 31st, Martin went to the clinic to get his blood checked.

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