Cuba Nov 18 - 30, 2015.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and on Cuba.

Nov 18, Arriving Havana

Nov 19, Havana

Nov 20, More Havana

Nov 21, Vinales

Nov 22, Bay of Pigs

Nov 23, Cienfuegos

Nov 24, Trinidad Amigo Anconat

Nov 25, Santa Clara & Varadero

Nov 26, Varadero

Nov 27, Varadero

Nov 28, Varadero

Nov 29, Havana & Oslo

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Martin's travel on Cuba during November 2015 with KomOgDans, Norway.

Hotel Nacionale

Day 1 – 3 Havanna
Night to day 4 - Varadero
(due to commie abUse of power)
Day 4 Cienfuegos - Pay of Pigs
Day 5 Cienfuegos - Trinidad
Dag 6 & 7 - Trinidad
Day 8 Trinidad - Santa Clara – Varadero
Day 9 – 11 Varadero
Day 12 Departure for Norway

On Nov 17th we left WestWood for Oslo, Amsterdam and Cuba. This is WestWood the same day.

WestWood actually looks good in the bleak autumn sun.

Late in the evening we left WestWood.

Roy and Martin at the railway station in Tønsberg.

Arrived at the airport. Roy is on his way to the lifts.

Arriving at the airport at 0048, time for a nap at a bench.


Departing from Oslo.

Our plane in Amsterdam.


Interior of the Air-bus.

Arrived in Cuba.

Waiting in line for passport control. All commie countries are inefficient. No personal incentive to do a good job.


After passport control, time to wait for our luggage.

Then, after 2 hours, vi finally cleared the slow-moving bureaucracy.

David, our bus driver took us to the hotel.

Our guide was big Michael. He didn't say much and didn't have much to say.

Martin outside the bus.

Leaving the airport area.

Old cars of Havana. The traffic was very light.

The revolutionary mUseum in the heart of Havana.


Our hotel at night.

Our Hotel, Nacional from1930.  

The next day, Thursday November 19th, it was time for a visit to a cigar making factory, the revolutionary mUseum and central Havana


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