Oct 20, back in Nha Trang at last.
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Oct 16
Leaving Nha Trang

Oct 17
Quy Nhon

Oct 18
Last day in
Quy Nhon

Oct 19
Stuck in
Tuy Hoa

Oct 20
Tuy Hoa

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Nice extended weekend. Our last day in Tuy Hoa before leaving at 1800 hours by train.

A big group of bikers next door. They have license plates from SGN.

Ana swimming pool. Martin's favorite, 50 meters long with sea water.

They just made some new additions to it.

When you swim, you can hear the waves are crashing in on the beach just outside.

Plenty parking, just one car.

Martin having a simple breakfast with beers.

Phuong where her nose likes it best, in the cell phone. Rude and unfriendly.

Martin had 4 beers for breakfast and slept for 90 minutes afterwards. Lovely.

Nice trees on the pavement outside the government building.

A lot of flags. Esthetics only?

What does "Relics Management" mean? Old stuff. Look at the link.

Our "Luxury" hotel. Nice and 12 minutes walk from Martin's favorite pool.

Waiting for tax to take us to KicoChi Korean restaurant.
The way they have organized the cooking of the food was amazing. The logistic was perfect.

Phuong and Martin with the flowers in the entrance.

Phuong with the flowers and mouth wide open. She seldom says anything.

Martin in the hammock outside. But for kids.

Martin and his hammock outside KicoChi.

Making off ramp outside the restaurant?

Wednesday October 21sth, it was time teach again.
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