Oct 19, Stuck in Tuy Hoa
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Oct 16
Leaving Nha Trang

Oct 17
Quy Nhon

Oct 18
Last day in
Quy Nhon

Oct 19
Stuck in
Tuy Hoa

Oct 20
Tuy Hoa

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Due to problems with trains, we couldn't't get any further than Tuy Hoa.
Next door, they finished another government building for turism. Not much business these days.

Out side Martin's favorite pool.

They spruced it up since last time.

Martin outside the change rooms.

The lockers. We even got one with a key.

Martin ready to swim.

Lovely 50 meters pool with sea watr.

Watch a lovely video of Martin swimming.

The whole area is overinvested for tourism which is now dead. Nice big roads and hardly any traffic.

Outside the local coffee shop where we had a very simple lunch and a few beers.

The government building sign. They even have a relic department, whatever that is.

Lunch around the corner.

Martin's lunch, half a chicken with soup. Far too much for one person

At night, we went to a brand new and nice restaurant, The KicoChi House, a BBQ restaurant. But no English knowledge, neither on the menu, toilet nor signs. But the food was very good. This is not the first time we where here.

Martin outside the change rooms at the lovely, 50 meters long, seawater pool.

At night, a cup of tea outside our hotel before bed time.

On Tuesday October 19th, back in Nha Trang and teaching again.

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