Oct 26 - Another beach visit.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

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  1. Monday
    Back in Jomtien
  2. Tuesday
    Emma & Fon
  3. Wednesday
    Lazy day with Lai
  4. Thursday
    More time with Lai
  5. Friday
    Beach with Far
  6. Saturday
    Big C
  7. Sunday
    Lazy day
  8. Monday
    Rainy Day
  9. Tuesday
    Off to Nang Rong
  10. Wednesday
    Nang Rong
  11. Thursday
    Lais son Boss's birthdy
  12. Friday
    Buri Ram and Roy
  13. Saturday
    Back to Jomtien
  14. Sunday
    Jomtien is lovely.
  15. Monday
    Pichai, Lai's lawyer
  16. Tuesday
    Beach trip
  17. Wednesday
    Problematic Lai
  18. Thursday
    Martn sick
  19. Friday
    Beach visit
  20. Saturday
    Meeting BITCH
  21. Sunday
    Rainy beach
  22. Monday
    At XXO
  23. Tuesday
    Computer Shop
  24. Wednesday
    Chang Charlie Inn
  25. Thursday
    TukComs IT
  26. Friday
    Another beach visit
  27. Saturday
    Russian Restaurant
  28. Sunday
    Packing up
  29. Monday
    Back to Bangkok
  30. Tuesday
    Not ready
  31. Wednesday
    Not ready

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The day started as normal and then we went to the beach and in the evening to The Walking Street.

Dee is setting umbrellas for their customers.

Martin is beach ready with his water and coconut.

Far, Lai's sister popped around.

Lai and Far. Lai is not happy, showing it to Martin.

Bee and her son. Bee is man hunting, even though she is married.

Martin and David from Manchester, UK.

Martin and David. He has residency in Australia these days.


Lai likes to pose in her nice dress.

John's Gallery.

In Soi 8, a pig on spit is used to celebrate a birthday.

Lai is buying some nice flat shoes, comfortable to walk in.

Outside Alcatraz Go-Go bar, they are lined up as cops.

Martin is outside Alcatraz as well.

Saying hello to the devil in The Walking Street before going back to the condo.

The next day, Saturday  October 27th, it was time for more English and getting the lamp fixed.

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