Oct 10 - Nang Rong, 2nd visit.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

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  1. Monday
    Back in Jomtien
  2. Tuesday
    Emma & Fon
  3. Wednesday
    Lazy day with Lai
  4. Thursday
    More time with Lai
  5. Friday
    Beach with Far
  6. Saturday
    Big C
  7. Sunday
    Lazy day
  8. Monday
    Rainy Day
  9. Tuesday
    Off to Nang Rong
  10. Wednesday
    Nang Rong
  11. Thursday
    Lais son Boss's birthdy
  12. Friday
    Buri Ram and Roy
  13. Saturday
    Back to Jomtien
  14. Sunday
    Jomtien is lovely.
  15. Monday
    Pichai, Lai's lawyer
  16. Tuesday
    Beach trip
  17. Wednesday
    Problematic Lai
  18. Thursday
    Martn sick
  19. Friday
    Beach visit
  20. Saturday
    Meeting BITCH
  21. Sunday
    Rainy beach
  22. Monday
    At XXO
  23. Tuesday
    Computer Shop
  24. Wednesday
    Chang Charlie Inn
  25. Thursday
    TukComs IT
  26. Friday
    Another beach visit
  27. Saturday
    Russian Restaurant
  28. Sunday
    Packing up
  29. Monday
    Back to Bangkok
  30. Tuesday
    Nice swimming
  31. Wednesday
    The Sky Bar

November 2012

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After a long bus drive, some 8,4 hours, we arrived in Nang Rong. Martin slept a lot during the ride.

Lai's house is nice in the morning. Lovely, modern house where most of the facilities work.

Time to visit Lai's family. Martin hates it so he is bringing his own computer to keep busy. This is the first turnoff after some 7 kms on the main road towards Pak Thong. See map.

This is the same intersection some 7 kms from the house of Lai. This is the right view of the intersection.

Then along the road for some 10 kms and then turn right to Ban Kokmaka. Martin overshot, therefore the arrow to the left.

Half way down the road to the next turnoff, we pass a radio mast.

At this stop sign (Martin thinks), you turn right.

This is then where you turn left.

And then right.

The last turnoff.

Then pass this house and it is some 500 meters down the road and you are there.

At Lai's family where Lai is the only one that barely speaks English and the rest not.

Martin sits at this table when Lai goes yak-yak in Thai to her family members. Martin is bored stiff. Luckily, he has his PC to keep him company.

Lai is shopping for coffee in the big supermarket in town.

Finish shopping, including Martin's beers. Leo is the name and Martin maximizes price per liter and buy 630 ml bottles.

Martin on a pile of his favorite beers.

Off to the pawn shop and to get Lai's wedding ring back.

At the supermarket, Martin bought his favorite Thai fruit, longkong. Or whatever.

Back at the house, Lai has a worrisome talk to her lawyer about the fate of her house.

Lai is washing her X-husband's car unnecessary. Martin washes his car in Norway once a year and that suffices.

The white picket fence along the street of Lai in Nang Rong.

There are some poor people living here, but with cars and TVs.

There are still some unsold prospects in this street.

Off to Lek for a nightcap. Lek is seen here with one of the local boys.

Smart little bugger.

Another kid and child rocked up. Not so smart.

The little bugger kisses the newcomer. Cute.

This house behind Lai's house has been empty and unfinished over the last 4 years. The owner overextended himself and went bankrupt and left the house as is. Unfinished.  

The next day, Thursday  October 11th, it was the celebration of her dead son Bell. Lai came to Nang Rong to do some traditional Buddhist rites for him. She also celebrated her living son's birthday that day. His name is Boss.

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