Dec 3 - first day in Saigon.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.

Nov 25
Back in Tuy Hoa

Nov 26
Tuy Hoa

Nov 27
Off to Nha Trang

Nov 28
Nha Trang
Getting married

Nov 29
Nha Trang

Nov 30
Nha Trang

Dec 1
Nha Trang

Dec 2
Off to Saigon

Dec 3

Dec 4

Dec 5
Leaving Vietnam

Dec 6
Back in  Norway


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We arrived around 0600 in Saigon and after a little bit of hassle, we got our room 0910.

Saigon from the top.

The nice pool on the 8th floor. Not used today.

Off to Hidden around the corner.

Nice restaurant that we have visited before.

Here with the daughter of the owner.

Martin and June at Hidden.

All four including the owner, a nice lady.

June and Martin at Hidden's.

On Sunday December 3rh, we relaxed in Saigon.

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