Sep 20 - last day on Con Dao
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Con Dao and Cambodia.

Leaving Nha Trang

Sep 17
Off to Con Dao

Sep 18
Con Dao

Sep 19
Con Dao

Sep 20
Last day on Con Dao

Sep 21
Saigon and immigration

Sep 22
Last day in Saigon
Leaving for Nha Trang

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Phuong rented a bike and took a trip around the island, Martin worked from bed. He is happy there.

Down to the restaurant for breakfast in the shirt of the day from Laos.

Phuong hired a bike for the day and went off onto the island.

Leaving the hotel.

Phuong loves temple and had to stop at one of them.

Hang Keo Cemetery at the island.

Some sand dunes in all the grenery.

A rainstorm hit Phuong while on the road, making her very wet.

Another temple.

A heritage tree looked after by the Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (VACNE). They do a good job.

Phuong got her picture taken by a security guard.

A nice brick house along the road.

A lake along the road.

There were many of them.

A brief stop over next to another cementery.

A nice temple in the woods.

Next to the sea and on the road, there were a few monkeys.

It was raining so we just went next door.

Martin had clams and 12 hours later he felt very bad. No more bait for Martin.  

On Monday September 21st, it was time to leave Con Dao and go to Saigon and fix up Martin's visa.

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