Sep 19 - Nghia Trang Hang Duong National Cementary
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Con Dao and Cambodia.

Leaving Nha Trang

Sep 17
Off to Con Dao

Sep 18
Con Dao

Sep 19
Con Dao

Sep 20
Last day on Con Dao

Sep 21
Saigon and immigration

Sep 22
Last day in Saigon
Leaving for Nha Trang

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Nghia Trang Hang Duong, from 1930 - today.

The entrance to the cemetery. Very impressive.

A stone figure of their hero, Vu Thi Sou, in the same area she was shot by the French in 1952.

The French used it as a graveyard for their prisoners from 1930 till 1954 when the South Vietnamese took over the running of the place.

The main monument.

Martin in front of the main obelisk.

Another simple stone for an unknown soldier or prison inmate.

Offerings to Buddha, even cigarettes.

And a pig. Buddha don't mind pork.

One gravestone for a known soldier or inmate.

The markings for the unknown dead.

One big shot got his own special grave.

People are coming from all over Vietnam to worship Vu Thi Sou. They make a very nice mixture of religion and politics.

Vu Thi Sau, heroine of Vietnam.

Martin is having a rest. With his compulsory facemask.

 memorial tree taken well good care of.

Martin having a rest. He is too old and too fat for much walking around.

Funeral fire where they burn offerings in paper form like dummy money. It is for the dead to use in the afterlife according to their religious believes.

The fire itself.

Lighting things up.

Row upon rows of unknown dead.

A rain water pond.

More graves.

Phuong and Martin on the way out.

These signs are very informative telling a little about the graves you see.

More grave information.

Phuong and Martin leaving the cemetery.


The monument in the background.

Martin doesn't know what this is.

Here in front of whatever it is.

Off to our last stop, a temple on a mountain top.

Martin tried, but it was too many steps and turned around.

The steep stairs up, numbers unknown.

Martin leaving.

Phuong is on the top.

A normal temple.

Phuong on the top.

Here you find a female Buddha.

She looks lovely.

Phuong in front of it.

Con Son Quan restaurant we visited later that day.

Our driver that took us around in his electrical car. Very convenient.

Bacon stew in a traditional Vietnamese clay pot.

Martin and Phuong at the restaurant with very nice wooden chairs and tables.

The bacon was 70% fat that Martin took out. He is fat enough.

Phuong with her two water bottles on the way back to the hotel.

This building looks very old and overgrown from the hotel window, but it is not. A lot of construction is going on.

This building is, on the other hand, overgrown.

In the evening, Martin watched how they were shipping beer around. Amazing it works well.  

On Sunday September 20th, was our last day on Con Dao, one day too long.

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