Apr 5 - Leaving Cambodia with a lot of hassle.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.

Mar 31
Leaving For Cambodia

Apr 1
Hanuman Shooting Range

Apr 2
Phom Penh Shooting Club

Apr 3
Mekong Islands

Apr 4
National museum of Cambodia

Apr 5
Back to Vietnam

Apr 6

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Painful departure from Phnom Penh.

Our last day-trip.

Martin's beer in the Tuc-Tuc.

Our Tuc-Tuc.

Last meal in Cambodia at Stonegrill Japanese restaurant. Best restaurant in town.

Phnom Penh international airport.

Lot of hassle with vaccination and test papers.

We had to take a trip to get a separate test.

Here, we are told to take the test.

June waiting to get tested.

Both are tested and waiting for the result at 30 USD a pop. Not cheap. They make it a business.

Martin waiting.

At last we manage to get to Saigon. Here is the map of our trip to the hotel.

The receptionist has gotten new dresses since last tim.  

On Wednesday Apr 6th, Martin was back in Saigon for the day before going to Nha Trang.

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