Feb 7 - Leaving Chau Doc for Saigon.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.

Feb 3
Leaving Nha Trang

Feb 4
off to Chau Doc

Feb 5
Ba Chuc

Feb 6

Feb 7
Off to Saigon

Feb 8
Saigon Mosque

Feb 9

Feb 10
Back in Nha Trang


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Our shuttle bus picked us up at 0930 and we left for Saigon at 1018.

We had upper bunks on the return trip.

Very cramped and not suited to Martin's big body.

ViAnh is OK, but June not so.

Leak break and lunch. Enormous hall for food.

The bike traffic n Saigon is dense.
Nice with a swim.

Then to our hotel, Lotus Central, Martin's hotel in Saigon and a swim on the 7th floor.

One of the landmark of Saigon.

Lotus Central, is getting a new neighbor.

Off to Mom's Kitchen restaurant. A weird place.

With a clock that was frozen in time.

June and Martin at the table.

They don't use knives to cut the meat, but scissors. ViAnh in action.

June is cooking the food at the table. No breads of any kind was served and hardly any vegetables. Strange.

ViAnh and our friendly waitress with June. She was very diligent and did a good job.

ViAnh is "scissoring" meat. No knives were supplied.

June with her scissors.

ViAnh and grandma June pulling faces.

A normal picture.

The windows couldn't be opened and there was an extra set of bars outside the windows and an extra set of glass. Why? Martin finds it strange to say the least.

Martin's empties, Tiger Crystal. No Saigon beers at this restaurant in Saigon.

Mom's chicken from the outside. And they didn't have chicken on the menu at all. A strange and interesting experience, where the menu as bi-lingual, only Vietnamese and Korean. Other nationalities not appreciated?

A weird experience. And interesting.


On Tuesday February 8th, it was time for SGN sightseeing and Italianis.

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