Feb 5 - Visiting Ba Chuc
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Feb 3
Leaving Nha Trang

Feb 4
off to Chau Doc

Feb 5
Ba Chuc

Feb 6

Feb 7
Off to Saigon

Feb 8
Saigon Mosque

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Feb 10
Back in Nha Trang


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Ingress comes here

We hired a car and went to Ba Chuc where the massacre happened on 18 April 1978. The commie bandits of Pol Pot killed 3,157 innocent civilians.  That led to Vietnam invading Cambodia later the same year.

Looking over to the border to Cambodia. Watch the video about the massacre.

The morning glow from our window.

June and ViAnh having fun in the pool around 0700.

Upstream from the hotel.

The hotel is beautifully decorated with yellow flowers, the flower of TET.

Water hyacinth, Vietnam's Invasive, Destructive, Beautiful Aquatic Jerk.

Morning view of the river, with plenty  water hyacinth which is native to the Amazon Basin in South America.

The very efficient reservation manager Ly, at the hotel, Ly. She is fantastic with emails and very patient. Great person.

June, Ly and our driver for the day, Hong.

Coconut shells laid out on the road in the sun to dry to make firewood.

Gingerroot at the market place.

Fish in the sun. How it can stay fresh is a wonder. In Thailand, they eat rotten fish with plenty chilly to get rid of the taste.

Trucks from Cambodia come across to offload their rice into barges.

A barge in its TET best.

Rice barge on the river.

People come out in droves during TET.

June and driver taking photos.

Monument over the Vietnamese victims massacred by the bandits of Pol Pot in 1978.

Very respectfully done with a altar in the middle.

ViAnh was not happy there. It was tough on her.

Martin inside having a rest.

The skulls and bones were divided according to age.

The scum bags of Pol Pot, leader of the Cambodian Communist party didn't waste bullet on defenseless, innocent villager, but knives and clubs.

The first thing any dictator does, is to disarm the populous. Also so in Vietnam. The villagers had nothing to defend themselves with. In 2014, even air-guns were prohibited.


Situation map.

June buying incense.


Boss lady.

Swastika gate.

June in prayer for forefathers. She does it a lot.

Religious flag. Look at the swastika, it is left turning, not like the Nazi version, right turning.

Martin and Uncle Ho.

The temple top at the compound.

June and ViAnh in prayer.

The gate sign of the memorial. Very nicely done.

Drying bananas along the road. Flat version.

Lovely local girl.

Drying bananas, bowl version.

Fruit for sale.

She also sell coconut.

Our driver Hong. With his coconut.

The 3-some enjoying coconuts.


Martin and his coconut.

The long winding road with flags.

Busy streets.

The yellow flowers of TET.

Toddy Palm fruit.

Used to make all kind of candy.

What these ugly lucking guys have to do in temple?

Martin does not know.

Martin with his favorite, fat happy Buddha.

Black lion. Nice.

Female  Buddha. Buddhism is all-encompassing. Buddha was a man, but so what. We make a female one as well. Good idea.

ViAnh and June outside with a big, white lion.

Sacrificing paper money to the dead ones.

Buddhist like pork. In the temple.

Dried fish in all fashions.

Fresh fish in the sun. How do they eat rotten ones?

Leaving in a cable car.

The city below.

The end station.

Mountain top dwelllings.

More mountain top dwellings.

ViAnh on the stair to the top.

Mountain top flowers.

June on the way down.

Mountain top temple.

View from the top.

Temple roof from above.

City from above.

Cable car details.

Museum way below.

June on top.

The top part of the mountain.

La Giang Restaurant offers Vietnamese & Western cuisine while Sky Pool Bar serves refreshments by infinity pool with stunning views. Part of Victoria Nui Sam Lodge.

Fantastic place, close to the top.

So and so food. Cheap, but not fantastic.

A very naked back. What does she advertise?

The valley view from one of the tables. Stunning.

Firewood left outside to dry.

We took motorbikes back to the waiting car.  

On Sunday February 6th, we took a boat trip and visited a mosque and a Muslim village.

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