Oct 18, last day in Quy Nhon.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Thailand and Cambodia.




Oct 16
Leaving Nha Trang

Oct 17
Quy Nhon

Oct 18
Last day in
Quy Nhon

Oct 19
Stuck in
Tuy Hoa

Oct 20
Tuy Hoa

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Started the day with a visit to the 17th and 18th floor.

The pool from the 17th floor. Nice hotel room.

And the 18th.

Sideways view.

Martin at t derelict bar at the 18th floor.

The bar is nice enough.

The beach promenade looks nice from the 18th floor.

Time to visit  Kudulic park.

Fancy name engraved.

Phuong up the road.

An insurance company had their indoctrination here. So-called team building.

ViAnh on the road.

ViAnh at a quarry.

Phuong relaxing.

The view of the sea in the distance.

Beachfronts.It is really long and nice.

Off to Dieu Tri. Having a beer before we go.


ViAnh is grumpy.

This ugly brat didn't like Martin. Martin didn't like her and her she is in all her glory.

Our driver.

He is lazy and cheats the safety belt warning by these custom made gadgets.

The railway station in Dieu Tri.

We stopped at a restaurant with no food. ViAnh and the fish in the tank not for sale.

The a powerful shower hit.

It is nice to sit indoors while it rains.

ViAnh's new ring that she lost, but recovered from a friends of Phuong's.  

On Monday October 19th, back to Tuy Hoa since our train was cancelled.

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