Oct 17, Sightseeing Quy Nhon
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Oct 16
Leaving Nha Trang

Oct 17
Quy Nhon

Oct 18
Last day in
Quy Nhon

Oct 19
Stuck in
Tuy Hoa

Oct 20
Tuy Hoa

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Fantastic swimming pool area. Nice, long pool, 2nd best in Vietnam Martin has visited.

ViAnh with her new swim suit.

Martin ready for a swim.

Lovely pool setup with open sky 2 stories above.

Every window had small ornaments.

ViAnh back to the room for towels. Nice video.

Here you can see the open sky. Very impressive facility.

Martin and ViAnh.

Phuong on the bike, pretending to exercise.


Lovely breakfast buffet.

Family picture with the "Good morning Vietnam Shirt".

Nice family photo.

A Vietnamese diplomat that spoke almost perfect English.

Morning taxi.

Phuong is arguing with the taxi driver about price.

View of the city and a 185MByte long video to boot.

Thap Doi, the oldest buildings in town.

They are from 19-1700 years old.

The threesome outside one of the two.

Pagoda, only this one there.

Then you look straight up into the sky. Not very useful for anything.

Outside the pagoda.

From the inside out. ViAnh down the stairs.

All 3 in "Good Morning Vietnam"-shirts.

Outside he pagoda.

Fancy housing complex with high end flats and apartments.

But all of them are empty.

And still they are building new ones that nobody can afford.

Another empty house.

The entrance is impressive.

A kitsch guardian angel outside.


The 20th Communist Party Congress is celebrated all over the country.

More empty block of flats.

Vendors you find all over Vietnam, selling anything.

Entrance to the park.

Our transport, horse drawn carriages.

Entrance to the park.

White lions welcomes you.

With the horse.

Off we go. The pictures are dark due to Martin fumbling with the knobs on the camera.

Ostriches are nice to eat and they have them on the menu.

Crocodiles are not on the menu.

They are lazy beasts.

Phuong playing with the fishes.

A lone elephant behind electrified fences.

There were also a swan pond.

Horse ride is over and camera is correctly adjusted.

Off to town to buy some stuff for Phuong's sister.

More empty block of flats are being built, but no takers.

In the evening, seafood hotpot. Here is the burning material, cleverly measured out.

The Vietnamese like their beers and drink a lot of it. But it is cheap.

Martin getting his hair done.

Then the lit the fire before putting the pot on.

ViAnh is having fun with Martin's hair.

All 3 and Quang at the reception before going to bed.  

On Sunday October 18th, was our last day at Quy Nhon.

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