Jun 7 - returning to Nha Trang.
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Leaving Nha Trang
for Whale Island

Jun 1
Whale Island

Jun 2
Whale Island

Jun 3
Whale Island

Jun 4
Whale Island

Jun 5
Paradise Resort  Doc Let

Jun 6
Paradise Resort  Doc Let

Jun 7 Back to
Nha trang


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Son picked us up at 1300 hours and we had lunch before leaving for Nha Trang.

Martin with his pre-breakfast coconut.

A very nice drink before breakfast.

The ceiling of the restaurant is made of local material like coconut trees and bamboo sticks and leaves.

Our restaurants of choice. We went for Nha Hang Hai.

The restaurant with solar panels on the outside.

Martin and his rice bread. Very popular in Vietnam and very tasty.

We are in the middle of fish farms.

Thuy and her father, Son, our driver.

Thuy, ViAnh, Martin and Phuong at a fish hotpot. Martin couldn't eat it. It was far to chilly for him.

Bird nest house. Bird nests are big business giving big money in China.

DeJa pub is growing. They are getting the furtniture in.  

On Tuesday June 8th, we were back in Nha Trang.

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