Thailand Nov 11 - Feb 8, 2014
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning They are small copies of The real thing. You just click Them. The weaTher in Norway and in Thailand. Martn lives as Jomtien Beach Condominium.

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Martin at 0615 waiting for JAP to get up. It is -4 degrees and misty.

JAP has to de-ice his windows before he can drive off.

The rising winter sun.

The Oslo fiord.

New buildings Next to The railway station in Oslo.

Arrived Oslo airport, Gardemoen around 1100 hours in The morning.

The train carries on to Lillehammer.

Martin bought a beer NOK 97,- or US $ 17,50 for a large pint, 0,6 liters. In Thailand The price is NOK 10,-. Martin rests his case.

The bar was hopelessly designed. Absolute impossible to enjoy sitting down.

But Martin did it in any case. No options.

Security check said 10 minutes. Martin used twice that time.

A toy plane inside The departure hall for The children to play on and with.

Our 787 dreamliner in Oslo.

Arrived in Doha, Qatar some 6 hours later.

Some poles are having fun, drinking.

Security guys are checking out an abandoned bag on a seat.

The bag looks lonely.

In The end The security guys picked it up.

Scarf cunts are in abundance at Doha airport.

Fancy car for sale.

The tax-free hall below The Qatar Silver lounge.

Seen here.

November 12th.
Martin sat at The Silver lounge The whole night. Very little sleep.

But The lounge itself is nice, well stocked with shower and smoking facilities as well.

Martin went through The busy waiting halls for his flight.

The present Doha airport is no good. Hamad will be one of The best in The world, They claim.

Nice local art on The walls.

At last, Martin found his gate, No. 46 for Bangkok.

Qatar Airways' fleet is relatively new.

Details of one of The planes, Airbus B777-300 that took Martin to Bangkok.

November 13th.
The pool at The Ambassador is very nice. Unfortunately, Martin couldn't use it due to his cold.

Street of Bangkok. The Ambassador has gotten a new sign up. It is nice.

Kasikorn bank where Martin did a lot of business this day due to faulty transfers caused by a rotten computer system in The bank.

The King and Queen are here as well. They are a part of The daily life in Thailand.

Martin's bank contact. Her English was not up to scratch so Martin spoke to a K’Kestip that spoke fluent English.

Her collegue likes to pick his nose. Not nice manners in front of customers.

November 14th.
Off to Jomtien with Suza. Look at The road.

New fancy urinals on The road stop.

The SheetDicks have a problem using men's toilet. They have to unwind all Their sheets first.

The S1 & S2 blocks at Jomtien Beach Condominiums.

A short burst of rain.

The sea seen through The rain. Misty and wet.


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The Next week, starting Saturday Nov 16th, Martin was well settled in at his condo at Jomtien Beach.

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