Thailand August to November 2012
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Bangkok just now. Map of lovely Thailand and Jomtien.

August 2012

  1. Wednesday
  2. Thursday
    In Bangkok
  3. Friday
    Loafing around
  4. Saturday
    Pim arrived
  5. Sunday
    Visiting Jiratip
  6. Monday
    More Ambassador
  7. Tuesday
    Pork knuckle
  8. Wednesday
    Toom no show
  9. Thursday
    More of the same
  10. Friday
    Writing Postcards
  11. Saturday
    Pin came
  12. Sunday
    Off to Lopburi
  13. Monday
    Lopburi Inn Resort
  14. Thuesday
    Back to Bangkok
  15. Wednesday
    Lunch with Pin
  16. Thursday
    Enjoying Bangkok
  17. Friday
    Last day in Bangkok

September 2012
October 2012
November 2012

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Martin T. to the left visited Bangkok (BKK) and Jomtien in Pattaya. A long holiday during the depressing months in Norway. Martin had a pleasant and fascination trip to Thailand. As always.

Map of Thailand.

Traveling to Oslo from Tønsberg.

JAP, Martin's long term lodger wants a new lighter of this kind. Terpo it is called.

BOW, one other of Martin's lodgers took Martin to the car registration authorities for his plates.

Martin with his licensing plates for his car. Handing them in saves some US $ 4,50 a day in insurance money. For 80 days, it is a lot.

Inside, you have to wait, but not for long. Martin waited only 10 minutes to get served.

BOW has dropped Martin off at the railway station. He is on his way back home to sleel.

The railway station from the inside. It was a nice, sunny day for a change.

Lovely young, Norwegian lasses outside in the seldom sun, waiting for the train.

Goodbye Tønsberg for now. Martin will return in 80 days time. Good for him. :-)

Arriving at Oslo airport.

Then queuing up to check in. Qatar Airlines' computer system had crashed, so Martin couldn't check in on-line

Time for a beer after the security checks. Beer at a ridiculous Norwegian price.

Martin is updating his web-pages. 23 MBytes as upload speed is not bad and the download speed is 36 MBytes. Good for a free network at the airport.

Our flight to Doha, Qatar is ready to take off.

It was very spacious and only 60% of the seats were occupied.

Packing up for our first 6 hours leg to Doha. Martin slept well during his flight on an aisle seat.  


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The next day, Thursday, August 16th, Martin arrived in Bangkok, Thailand at 1210 local time.

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