October   2010

  1. Saturday
    Arriving in BKK
  2. Sunday
    First full day in BKK

November 2010

  1. Monday
    Norwegian Embassy
  2. Tuesday
    Off to Pattaya
  3. Wednesday
    First day in Pattaya
  4. Thursday
    Computer stuff
  5. Friday
    Visa hassles
  6. Saturday
    Rice Porridge
  7. Sunday
    No Cross Bay Swim
  8. Monday
    Immigration again !
  9. Tuesday
    Immigration again part II!
  10. Wednesday
    Dentist and Immigration
  11. Thursday
    Dentist & Immigration
  12. Friday
    Swim, swim and Germans
  13. Saturday
    Church, porridge and Swiss
  14. Sunday
    Fishing with no TK !
  15. Monday
    Miniature City
  16. Tuesday
    Walking Street
  17. Wednesday
    Beach visit
  18. Thursday no
    Terje and post office
  19. Friday
    Beach and Rib visit
  20. Saturday
    Relaxing for the swim
  21. Sunday
    The Cross Bay Swim!
  22. Monday post swim rest
  23. Tuesday
    Khao Talo
  24. Wednesday
    Swimming lessons
  25. Thursday
    Medical clinic
  26. Friday
    Surfbeach Hotel
  27. Saturday
    Emma Out
  28. Sunday, sick &
  29. Monday
    Kabin Buri
  30. Tuesday
    Easy day

December 2010

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Summing it all up.

Thailand, Oct 30 to Dec 26, 2010
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Bangkok just now.

There is a nice overview map of Thailand. It's worth a peep.         


Martin T. to the left visited Bangkok (BKK), Pattaya and Oa Nang in Thailand this time. A long holiday during the depressing months. 

Martin had a pleasant and fascination trip to Thailand during in the period above with his Kran seen to the left. Kran is Martin's women to be.



To the left, Krabi lies in the Southern most part of Thailand, to the East of Phuket that Martin had visited many times from 2008 onwards.


To the right, a detail map showing Ao Nang where Martin stayed during his visits to Thailand since  his first visit in 2008.

This map shows details where Ao Nang is situated in relation to Hua Hin, some 600 kms from Ao Nang.

This picture show the route from Krabi airport to Ao Nang.
It is 45 kms from the airport to Ao Nang which Martin visits every time he goes to Thailand. 


Departure from Tønsberg, October 29th, 2010.

To the left, Martin's taxi waiting for him.

Martin has loaded all his stuff into the taxi cab.

Typical Norwegian autumn weather, grey, dark, depressing and drizzling for days on end.

The Norwegian railroads are not up to scratch. This Friday, there were a lot of travelers and it was a short train to the airport. This resulted in busses being set up from Oslo, since from Oslo the train was choke-block with people.

At the airport, Martin's junk in a trolley.

Time for a last beer before leaving Norway.

Overpriced trolls. They are very expensive.

Then we landed on the airport in Frankfurt, Germany. One of the biggest ones in Europe.

Goethe's bar. Named after Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,  one of the greatest poets of all time in Germany.

White sausages was the dish of the day, but the pretzel tasted had cardboard paper.

  Martin enjoying his beers to the sausages.

Nice glasses at the bar. These were Martin's three.

Then is was time to depart from Frankfurt and go to Bangkok where it stopped over on its flight to Kuala Lumpur in Indonesia.


The next day, Saturday October 30th, Martin landed in Bangkok and where met by Kran. Then they went to Martin's favorite hotel in Bangkok, The Thai House Inn. Highly recommended and only 700 baths  or US $ 24,- a night. Lovely placae.

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