Daily activities July 2009

Ambassador hotel.

Daily activities August 2009

  1. Sunday
    Martin fooled

  2. Monday
    Yai arrived

  3. Tuesday
    Suan Pakkad Museum

  4. Wednesday
    River Cruise

  5. Thursday
    Calypso Cabaret - Katoeys

  6. Friday
    Off to Krabi

  7. Saturday
    Thai Massage

  8. Sunday
    Gillham Fishing Resort

  9. Monday
    Shooting Range/a>
  10. Tuesday
    Jaa arrived

  11. Wednesday
    Gillham Fishing Resort - again

  12. Thursday
    Shooting range with Jaa

  13. Friday
    To Pattaya

  14. Saturday
    In Pattaya

  15. Sunday
    Tiffany show

  16. Monday
    Getting nails done

  17. Tuesday
    Emma's Internet

  18. Wednesday
    Personal 5000 meters

  19. Thursday
    Walking Street Sleeze

  20. Friday
    Off to Krabi

  21. Saturday
    Back in Bangkok

  22. Sunday
    Boiyoki & BeiOtto

  23. Monday
    Back to & in Norway

Daily activities July 2009

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Map of Thailand.

Summing it all up.

Lady Boys.

Thailand, July 25 - Aug 24, 2009.

There is a nice overview map of Thailand. It's worth a peep.  
August 1st, 2009, Jaa is going home after a swim, meeting Moo and Keaw.       

To the left, seeing Jaa of to her boat. Jaa here to the right.

To the right, a local street artist.

A, Jaa's cousin is just passing by.

Martin and Jaa having a farewell drink in an Arabic joint with carpets on the walls.

Jaa downing her last beer before leaving.

Jaa paying respect to Buddha in the joint.

Martin and his wooden Thai girlfriend.

Natural among girls in Thailand, holding hands.

Jaa entering the boat.

Local street boats of Thailand. Actually a nice addition to the city traffic.

An overview of the canals of Bangkok.

After Jaa left, Martin was ogling a nice piece of ass.

Then a beer on the way back to the hotel.

Construction site. Still building in spite of economical recession.

Lovely Moo that Martin met on his way to his hotel. He got lost.

Calculating eyes of Moo. She knows what she wants.

Full size Moo in the lobby of the Ambassador hotel.

Moo in the coffee bar at the Ambassador.



Affectionate Moo and Martin on the way back to her restaurant.



More Martin and Moo.

Dreaming Moo.

Sexy legs of Moo.

At night, Martin met Keaw, a disaster.

She couldn't speak English, hence no communication. She couldn't send Martin SMS and she dragged with her an aunt and cousin.

Martin and Keaw. In the end, Martin gave up and went across the street to listen to some decent music.

A Chinese fellow with a tough hairstyle at the Rosabieng restaurant. A relief after trying to speak to Keaw.

Nice musician at the drums.

The next day, Sunday August 2nd, Martin was waiting for Da-Da. No great expectations. And she didn't rock up.

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