Lovely Orchid from Thailand, Martin's favorite
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Activities with Orchid, December, 2008

  1. Thursday
    Loafing around

  2. Friday
    Day trip temple

  3. Saturday
    Off with Orchid

  4. Sunday
    Goodbye to Orchid

 April 2009

  1. Wednesday Off to Bangkok
  2. Thursday
    First day in Bangkok

  3. Friday
    Norwegian Embassy

  4. Saturday
    Computer shopping

  5. Sunday
    Back to Krabi

  1. Saturday
    Visiting Orchid

Want to contact Orchid?
email or
+66 871 898 751


There is a nice overview map of Thailand. It's worth a peep.   


Lovely Orchid in all her sweet glory. She is hot and sexy.


Martin T. to the left visited Krabi in Thailand this time. A short holiday before the Christmas season. Martin had pleasant and fascination trip to Thailand during in the period above. Meeting this wonderful woman Orchid, was one of his highlights in his long life. One week with Orchid in Bangkok was really fantastic. She is. Just look at the cheeky look she gives you above !

To the right you have marked the town of Chiang Mai, Orchids home town in the North-West of Thailand.

He met Orchid or Jawjay which is her Thai name, the most fascinating Thai woman in Martin's life. Seen here to the left. She really is many faceted woman. And Martin is awed over her qualities and beauty.

During the last six months, Orchid has matured into a sophisticated, beautiful young lady without loosing her cheekiness and twinkle in her eye. In other words, the most beautiful and exiting woman you can think of.

Orchid seen here with her friend. Her name is NO1???.


Most of the pictures here are taken by Orchid herself.

This one next to the glass fountain is taken in NO2??? on NO3???.

Orchid is contemplating her next move.

She can be cheeky when she wants to.

Orchid with her classic two finger salute. Most Thai women love this greeting. But do you know what it means? Not so? Have a look at an article on the web.

Orchid with a friend at  NO4??? on NO5???

She can pose too. Seen here with her hat. This picture is taken  at NO6??? on NO7???

Orchid with her inscrutable look and bottomless eyes. What does she think.

Orchid with her full, voluptuous and inviting lips. She is cool.

Orchid posing in front of a Buddah symbol in her fancy dress at NO7??? on NO9???


Everybody talks about the weather. Have a look at BBC's weather for Thailand.
Compare it with the weather in Norway, Martin's native country.
No wonder Martin prefers Thailand.

To the left, Krabi lies in the Southern most part of Thailand, to the East of Phuket that Martin had visited during March and September 2008.

To the right, a detail map showing Ao Nang where Martin stayed this time next to Krabi seen on the picture to the left.

The first time, Martin met Orchid was Thursday December 18th. A memorable meeting. Since then Orchid has evolved into a most stunning young woman. You can see it if you compare the pictures above, which are the latest ones with the following, you will get Martin's point.

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