Jaa's Beach Photos

Martin & Jaa
July 2009

  1. Saturday
    Jaa arrived

  2. Monday
    Shopping with Jaa

Martin & Jaa
Ao Nang 2009

  1. Tuesda
    Jaa arriving Ao Nang

  2. Wednesday
    At Gillham's

  3. Thursday
    Loafing around

  4. Friday
    Returning to BKK

Martin & Jaa
August 2009

  1. Friday
    Returning to BKK & Jaa

  2. Saturday
    Temples & sausages

  3. Monday
    Lunch at Baiyoke Sky Hotel

  4. Tuesday
    Back to Norway

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Map of Thailand.

Summing it all up.

Martin & Jaa, July & August 2009
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To the left, Jaa. She is a friend of Tukta, Martin's cousin's fiancÚ. They had a lovely time together in Bangkok and Ao Nang, Martin's favorite place in Thailand.

These pictures are taken at Reflextion Hotel where  she took these photos to show off some hair product and other products like the hat the left..

Kai is Jaa's friend from university days.  

This day, July 30th started with a 2000 meters swim in the lovely pool. Martin topped it up with a lovely fruit breakfast at the pool side. Jaa arrived later the same day.

To the left, Martin was playing around with his camera after his swim. He bought it in 2006 and still hasn't figured it out. Kan only use 20% of the facilities of the camera.

To the right, more test photos.

Jens Eivind Kvilhaugsvik from Koppervik outside Karm°y in Norway. Happy man. But his email didn't work. Logically it was jekvil@getmail.no.

Here seen with his two children, Tommy and Elin0r. They have Thai mother.

Eivind and his happy family of three

Martin went to the Internet shop to do his work. Too expensive in the hotel room.

Martin with his memory stick for printing out file.


Jaa is a friend of Tukta's and Martin had corresponded with her for 4 months before meeting her in Bangkok. Here seen at the Sky Bar at the 26th floor.

Tong, the waiter at Dickenson Pub. He is 44 and living with his mother.

Martin and Jaa having a happy hour drink.

Jaa with her talking dictionary, Miss Nutty.

Mr. Man alias William, has a beautiful hair. Reddish which is no so uncommon in Bangkok.

Mr. Man taken with a flash and that gives him a more sinister look.

But William is a really nice person, friendly and helpful.

Time for The Pickled Liver Pub. Jaa seen here under the sign.

Tiger Beer girl for the occation.

Martin and Jaa sharing a Guinness.

The sexy legs of Jaa.

Happy couple on their way to have some evening music at the Rosabieng Restaurant across the street.

Sharing a beer.

Martin being fed the Thai way.

Aot and his lovely girlfriend. Aot works at the Rosabieng Restaurant and so does his girlfriend.

The local Heineken girl at the restaurant. Not the first time Martin has taken this photo.  

The next day, Friday July 31st, it was time for some more R&R (Recreation and Recovery) with Jaa.

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