Nyttårsrock på Hamar Jan 2009
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There is a video from Jan 1st, 39MB. Use WinAmp.

Martin T had a  hard physical 3 days dancing gala at Hamar. Here he is ready to leave for the railway station.

The weather in Norway on BBC.

To the left, Martin is getting driven to the railway station by his trusty lodger JAP.

The frosty streets of Hamar, the 31st of December 2008.

Victoria Hotel where Martin spent New Years Ever. Not much happened.

Then Martin moved to Rica Hotel outside town. The view early in the morning of January 1st, 2009.

Dancing Hall T1-T2 that was used for some of the classes.

The main dancing hall where visiting orchestras performed.

Martin having a beer waiting for the evening party. Note snow shoes. His regular shoes were too painful.

Martin like fish dishes seen here.

Martin dancing with an old friend from Malta. We were dancing there in October 2006.

Martin and Aud in action.

Martin and Aud having fun on the dancing floor.

A nice gentleman chatting up one of the guards.

Martin and an old friend from the USA trip.

Martin making a point.

Elisabeth from Fuerteventura and Malta.

The three local girls. From right, Lisbeth and May. The far left one doesn't have a name.

Three happy local girls out on town.

Looking at Martin's business card.

Lovely May making a play for Martin.

Kosovo girl at the bar.

Funny pants and nice skirt.

Blues Brother and his girl after a quick swing.

Torstein Lønning and his wife.

Torstein rocking with his wife.


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