Oct 2 - Trip around Dalat, full day.
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Oct01-Leaving Nha Trang

Oct 2, Dalat
day 1

Oct 3, Dalat
day 2

Oct 4, Back to Nha Trang

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This day we spent with our driver exploring Dalat.


Before lunch, we visited:
1. Dalat Wonder Resort, Phường 4, Thnh phố
2. Bao Dai Summer Palace, 1 Đường Triệu Việt Vương, Phường 4
3. Robin Hill, 8 Đường Đống Đa, Phường 3
4. Da Lat Cable Car Station, Đồi Robin, Lm Đồng 66116
5. Trc Lm Phụng Hong Zen Monastery, Trc Lm Yn Tử, Phường 3
6. Datanla Waterfall, QL20 Đo Prenn, Phường 3
7. Tuyền Lm Lake, Phường 4, Dalat, Lm Đồng

8. After lunch, we visited:
9. Đ Lạt Cathedral, 15 Đường Trần Ph, Phường 3
10. Dalat Flower Garden, 2 Đường P. Đ Thin Vương, Phường 8
11. Dalat Wonder Resort, Phường 4, Thnh phố Đ Lạt, Lm Đồng 66100

Lots of unfinished buildings.

Our room with 2 beds.

The view from the room. Nice lake below, but misty due to the rainy season.

Red soil outside our building.

Seen from the inside.

Villas, a concept Martin doesn't like. Make no sense.

Lovely pool.

The infinite pool. The water falls over the edge.

Nice one and Martin had a swim for 111 minutes every day.

Funny house. What a villa.

Fountains on at 0700.

Martin at the railings with his thermometer. 20 in the air and 19 in the pool.

You barely can see the sun through the mist.

Martin checking the temperature.

Fancy and big restaurant.

Martin is picking up his soup. Very nice.


Breakfast desert.

Pot plants outside our building.

Ready to sightsee Dalat. Details above.

A nice winery that we didn't have the time to visit.

The cable car service was suspended due to the Chinese Wuhan virus.

Local temple, Trc Lm Phong Hong Zen Monastery.

Golden pagoda.

Martin tired.

Pot for burning incense.

Big, fat, black Buddha.

Overview of the monastery complex.

Rules of engagement.

Martin with a bench donated by a Russian.

Martin at the exit.

Cable car shut down.

Still standing cable cars.

Phuong and big dog.

Big dog, huskey?

Tuyền Lm Lake, Phường 4, was very nice.

Here is an overview.

Our car with driver. Very convenient way to travel.

Villas are very popular and there are many of them.

Tuyen Lm Lake, Phuong 4, Dalat, Lm Đong was a very nice place. Here the dam.

The lake itself. Lot of boats.

Phuong and Martin on the bridge out to the dam level control.

One of the many houses surrounding the dam.

The dam barrier at the one end.

The overflow channel below the barrier in case water needed to be let out.


Time for a beer stop.

Very nice and very big restaurant with reasonable prices in Dalat.

Local rickshaw in Dalat. Lovely colored in pink.

The Cathedral of Dalat. Also called "Jack's Church.

The flower park of Dalat. Ticket office.

The welcome sign you see when you leave.

The reverse sign says "Welcome back". A little back to front.


One of the many flower bed in the park. Phuong in the background.


Another lovely flower arrangement.

Phuong and Martin in a photo-op window.

Phuong and the flowers.

Phuong in a sea of flowers.


Martin was very impressed by the the rubbish bins they had all around the park.


Martin in a sea of red flowers. Lovely.

Another arrangement meant for photos. Martin here.

And Phuong there.

An artificial lake inside the compound.

Martin is old and fat and needs to rest often. There were ample opportunities to do that in the park.

A flower arrangement.

Martin is having another rest.

Lovely arrangement for photos.

Martin couldn't resist taking this picture of a fat assed photographer next door.

Martin with his favorite rubbish bin.

Off to another temple, this time it was the amazing Golden Buddha. The Van Hanh Pagoda .

They had some nasty figures here as well.

This one of the famous pictures, The Resting Buddha.

Phuong with the big, fat, black Buddha.

Phuong and Martin in front of the Golden Buddha.


Martin's favorite Buddha. Big, white, fat and smiling.

The reclining Buddha.

The temples inside where amazing.

Phuong and Martin with the reclining Buddha.

A lot of benches were donated by foreigners and X-Vietnamese like this one.

Phuong praying, something she does often when visiting the temples.

A pot and its tree trunk inside.

One of Martin's favorite, the black, fat Buddha.

Phuong and the tree trunk.

Overview of the city.

Thuy Duong Family Restaurant was amazing. Go there if you can.

You can view the lake from there.

Something Martin loves in Vietnam, rice bread. Nice and crispy and comes with bananas or coco milk.

A novel way to cook rice, in bamboos. Very nice, tasty and delicat.

Martin and his rice bread.

You get your own grill on the table. It works fantastically well.

The rice bread with lentil seeds, good for stomach and Martin's favorite, pineapple.

Just to keep the flames down, a fan is provided.

Phuong is eating rice from the bamboo.

Novel way for Martin and the rice turned out to be very tasty.

Then off to the strawberry fields.

Phuong picked a basket, but they don't taste as good as the Norwegian ones due to the longer day in Norway during the summer season.

Street lady peddling her newly grilled goods.

Misleading sign sent us on a 5 kms forest trip.

Saturday October 3th, it was our last day in Dalat.

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