Aug19 - Sightseeing  Vung Tao
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Thailand and Cambodia.

Aug 16
Leaving Nha Trang

Aug 17
Mui Ne

Aug 18
Leaving Mui Ne

Aug 19
Vung Tau

Aug 20
Leaving Vung Tau

Aug 21

Aug 22
Back to Nha Trang

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It was a short trip, only 3 hours.

Morning breakfast. The restaurant is doubling up as a meeting room.

OK food, tasty as all Vietnamese food is and Martin loves the sweet, white coffee with ice.

It was a rainy day.  

The arms museum was closed.

So we went to the war memorial in the city. Really impressive.


The reason why it was closed. The Chinese Wuhan virus and it will not open till another year. Just an excuse. The owner doesn't know more the the VN government.

Outside the memorial with the VN flag in the background.

Phuong and some wisdoms word from Uncle Ho.

Inside the memorial, two big marble engraved stones with the name of those who died during the Vietnam war.

Here is the full size. Name, birth year, death year and where. Very impressive.

They had a few urns behind the front with the ashes of some individuals. Here is one.

Opposite some 300 meters away was this obelisk. Phuong and Martin in front.

One of the street leading up to the obelisk.

The monument some 300 meters away seen through the trees.

Around the obelisk was this fantastic red marbled stone tiles. Very smooth and very nice.

Off to a local church.  Very well kept.

Martin in front.

Martin and Ave Maria. Nice photo.

The Giant Jesus on top. Can barely be seen through the haze.

A smaller version.


Martin on his way up. There were no cable car so walking up to the top was not an option for Martin.

He settled for a beer at the bottom.

The seating was donated by X-Vietnamese that had fled the country during the communist oppression in the years 1970-85.

The peninsula seen from Martin's bar stool.

Down waiting for our trusty taxi Xuan. Phuong in the shade.

Phuong in the light.

Martin took a picture of a picture hanging at the entrance.

Down waiting, Martin happy.

Jesus on top. Watch the video.

Phuong is waiting too.

In the evening, it was raining and we went to the closest restaurant.

Con Nen some 200 meters away. It was OK.

Thursday August 20th, it was time to travel to Saigon.

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