May 19 - First full day at River Kwai.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway and in Thailand.

May 17
Arriving Bangkok

May 18
Off to River Kwai

May 19
River Kwai

May 20
River Kwai

May 21
River Kwai

May 22
River Kwai

May 23
Back to Bangkok

May 24

May 25

May 26

May 27
Phuong to Vietnam

May 28

May 29

May 30
Back to Norway

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A nice day at the shooting range and The Vietnam War Veteran museum.

The dinner area by the river used at night.

The pool is clean an clear. A pleasure to swim in.

Martin is getting his swimming gear together.

Earplugs, nose clip and goggles are all there.

Phuong is getting ready too.

The pool looks lovely from the breakfast buffet restaurant.

Phuong at the breakfast.

She is getting her food just now.

When back, the room was nicely done.

Ae, our cab driver and Peach, the customer relations officer at the hotel.

Off to the shooting range.

It is part of a big military camp.

Phuong has never shot before. Here is Martin with the .22Long Rifle gun.

Martin is instruction Phuong how to do it.

Phuong and her helper and target.

She is getting on with it.

The range.

Phuong and the target.


The ammo used is from Czech.

She got it right at last.

Phuong and the crew that helped us.

At the Thai Vietnam War Veteran museum

The made it as a protected hamlet in Vietnam.

Looks like sand bags, but are concrete bricks painted green.

An old American spotter plane used by the Thais in Vietnam.

Phuong and Martin at the wall.


The memorial of the 287 dead Thais in the Vietnam war.

Martin and Phuong at a howitzer piece.

Phuong and Martin. Behind them. the names of all the fallen in Vietnam.

Phuong and Martin with a background of the spotter plane.

A DC3 Dakota in the background.

The memorial.

One of the entrances of the area.

An AA gun on display.

An old Dakota used.

A Russian T72 tank used by Viet Cong in Vietnam.

An American M48 Abrams tank.

Another T72 tank. Very modern Russian tank of the area.

On Monday May 20th, it was time to

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