Nov 15 - Sightseeing and China border.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Nha Trang and Cambodia.




Leaving Nha Trang

Nov 12
Off to Hanoi

Nov 13

Nov 14
Lang Son

Nov 15
Lang Son

Nov 16
Lang Son

Nov 17
Sapa House

Nov 18
Biking in Sapa

Nov 19
Mountain top Sapa

Nov 20
Bus to Hanoi

Nov 21
Back to Nha Trang

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Hectic and interesting day.

Lovely breakfast restaurant. Really big and with a lot of selections.

Our cab driver, Hanh.

Big natural cave that has been made into a Buddhist temple.

The layout of the area.

List of things inside the cave.

Ash oven used to sacrifice fake money to the Gods.

What it is in English.

The end of the cave. Very impressive.

Amazing stalactites.

The exit of the cave.

Off to an old temple mound build by the Chinese many hundreds years ago.

Called a "citadel" in English.

One of the remains.

Martin walking down hill.

While Phuong is walking uphill.

Very good and hard exercise.

Chinese tower.

Phuong is almost at the top.

Time for lunch. A very nice restaurant.

Two very friendly Vietnamese joined us, waiting to get the food served.

A very impressive mural at the end wall.

Phuong at our table.

Martin ordered Norwegian salmon with pineapple and garlic. Fantastic. The food is very good and cheap on Vietnam.

Martin had 1,8 liters of beers at 2,40 USD. That is cheap. Bill here.

The exit from the restaurant.

Phuong off onto the street before we went to the Chinese border.

Martin at the border crossing. China in the background.

Nice impressive crossing.

Looking back into Vietnam.

Martin and Phuong at the Chinese border.

The national symbol of Vietnam.

Phuong at the border.

Here with Martin.

Phuong at the border. The driver Hanh in the foreground.

Phuong with her Muslim outfit. It was cold.

Next to the border, a big park. Here is one of the monuments.

Phuong and Martin at the monument.

Monument in the distance.

Phuong and Martin at another monument.

An enormous parking area for truck behind the monuments.

Side view of the border.

Here is a temple that Phuong visited.

While Martin had a chat with some local boys.

Very friendly bunch and they offered Martin chestnuts.

Phuong joined a bit later.

A visit to the local railway station. They use 3 rails in Northern Vietnam. Due to the different rail gauges.

The railways was built from 1881 and onwards. The first one being from SaigonCholon. This is the picture of the old Lang Son railwaystation.

Today's railwaystation in this small town of Lang Son. Only one train to Hanoi and back a day.

Some of the winding roads in the area. It is mountainous.

Martin's selfie trying to take a photo of Phuong.


Joey from China happy to be out of a 14 days quarantine at the hotel we stayed, Muong Thanh Lang Son Hotel.


Joey showing his visa to Vietnam.

Phuong and Linh, a savvy Vietnamese businesswoman dealing with the Chinese.

Linh is a smart girl, but lacking in both Chinese and English skills.

The 4 of us. From the left, Linh, Phuong, Martin and Joey.

On Monday November 16th, was the last day in Lang Son.

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