Dec 24 - 5 houea sightseeing and lovely Christmas dinner.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway & Vietnam.

Dec 22
Leaving Nha Trang

Dec 23
Tuy Hoa

Dec 24
Christmas at
Tuy Hoa

Dec 25
Lazy day at
Tuy Hoa

Dec 26
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Nha Trang

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A very interesting Christmas Eve, 2021.

We spent a couple of hours doing English. The cleaning staff arrives.

Off to our temple.

Nice place.


Martin tired, needed to sit down.


Angry Buddhist ghost.

The layout of the temple area.

June and ViAnh at the altar.

Memorials for all the dead ones being buried at the temple.

Nice try at the temple ground.

Martin and the dead ones.

Sponsored chairs. Here one from the USA.

Rice field ready to harvest.

Rise put on the street to dry.

Cutting rice.

Rice hay used as fodder.

Rice cakes laid out to dry.

"Don't litter" says the sign. The Vietnamese don't care. They are big polluters.

Old graveyard.

Swallows kept in these housed for bird nests. They are then exported to China.

Lovely, green house.

Off to the beach.

The pathway to the beach.

Beach overview.

Rocky beach.

Funny stone formations.

Rocky beach.

ViAnh on the beach.

ViAnh on the beach.

She likes to take photos.

Strange rock foration.

Rock overview.

Beach view.

Back to the top.

Da Dia Reef is the place called.

Martin and ViAnh on the top.

Martin and ViAnh.

June and Martin.

ViAnh and her grandma June.

Our driver had a nap in the shade.

Entrance to the beach.

Newly seeded ricefields.

Ducks like them too.

Martin at a local fish restaurant.

ViAnh at the restaurant entrance.

It only served seafood. Here are some ot the seashells.


The place was enormous.

We were the only guests.

ViAnh on their seaside restaurant sign.

Clams and clams in two different sizes.

They grew their own oysters as well.

Seen from the seaside. Martin only guest there.

A canoeist was paddling past.

Off to another beach.

Road to the beach.

ViAnh on the beach.

Ready to jump.

June walking past.

ViAnh in the air.

June in the air.


Then off to the resort.

Vietstar Resort.


Old fashioned cobble stones. Martin hasn't seen them in years.

Not many customers around. The chairs are stored away.

Fantastic swimming pool.

It stretches for hundreds of meters.

A long narrow leg of it.


One of the many turn and twists.


Kiddies pool as well.

Up to the end point.

Local light house.


Quong Truong Nghinh Phong monument some 2,7 kms from our hotel.

Impressive structure.

Next to the beach.



Then off to our Christmas party.

Martin's table.

Martin's name tag.

On the stage.

The stage was nicely set up. The photographer pressed the wrong button and took a video as well.


All you need to eat for Christmas.

They reused Martin's name tag for another Mr. Martin.

A baby lobster was included in the dinner. Nice and juicy.

June with the tickets.

Selection of foods.

The stage that played so horrible loud music that you couldn't hear yourself think.

ViAnh didn't care much.

Aoanh, Martin no 2's wife. He is 58 and she is 31. A short video clip.

June and the manager. June won two night at Sala DaNang beach hotel.

Martin and Martin having a chat.  

On Saturday December 25th, it was time for a swim.

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