Jan 16 - In Vung Tau and at Ho May Park.
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Vietnam  and Cambodia.

Leaving Nha Trang

Feb 14
Leaving Nha Trang

Feb 15
Vung Tau

Feb 16
Vung Tau
Ho May Park

Feb 17
Lotus Central

Jan 18
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A lovely day at the park.

First a lovely breakfast at our hotel.

Phuong enjoys her early morning coffee.

And we took the cable car up to Ho May Park.


Then Phuong dressed up for the sun.

Martin and his facemask.

Up the hill.


Street view.

Solar panels.

City view.

Phuong up the stairs.

Saying hello to Buddha.

Phuong & Martin under an old tree.


The old tree some 300 years old.

Martin and the strong boy.

The story about the boy.

Overview of the complex.

Ostriches for watching and food.

Guinea fowls, there are many of them

City view with Jesus to the righ.

Phuong fishing pond.

Martin fishing pond.

Big, fat, smiling, happy Buddha.

The smiling face of Buddha. Why is he always fat?

Here is a female madonna.

Another city view.

A closeup of Jesus.

History from 1065 to 1077, the first declared independence of Vietnam or whatever it is called.

Phuong at the waterfall.

Martin in Gen. Giap summer residence at Vung Tau.



Inside a crypt, they had recreated Christ birth in Bethlehem. Very nicely done. Watch the video.

Madonna at the entrance.


One of many kings. One declared independence in 1077. Watch the video.



The entrance to the cave.

Where the Jesus baby was born.

Martin is fiddling with his camera.

Martin is going sightseeing in a tourist cab for that purpose.

Vo Nguyen Giap, the relentless and charismatic North Vietnamese general whose campaigns drove both France and the United States out of Vietnam, died on Oct 4th, 2013 in Hanoi. He was believed to be 102. They made him religious figure.

Phuong & Martin in the gen. livingroom.

He had a very nice house overlooking Vung Tau.

Here is his view.

Phuong & Martin on his patio.


City view.

Driving wheel for the cable car.

Downhill with the cable car. Watch the video.

At the bottom, a nice restaurant overlooking the catamarans.

Waiting for taxi outside the hotel.

Martin enjoyed it in the evening sun.

The inside was quite stylish.

In the evening we went to KingKong again.

Nicely shaved local at KingKong.

Hotpot at the sidewalk.

Back at the hotel. 

On Saturday January 17th, it was time to go back to Saigon and Lotus Central Hotel. But first a trip to Ron to say helo.

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