Jun 14 - Swim, lovely breakfast and fisihing village.
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Leaving Nha Trang

Jun 13
To Muine

Jun 14
To Muine

Jun 15
To Muine

Jun 16
Can Tho

Jun 17
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Nice pool, breakfast and nap before visiting a fishing village.

Martin and Phuong are having fun in the pool.

Phuong in the Jacuzzi.

Martin and Phuong.

Martin posing in all is glory at 0600 in the morning.

The infinity pool is really nice overlooking the sea.

ViAnh loves her food.

Phuong and ViAnh at a fishing village.

Fish for sale.

Newly caught fish. Not big though.

The fishing village at sea.

Another fishing village across the bay.

One of the local boys.

The fishing boat at anchor.

Bath tubs used as transport to the boats at sea.

Boat tubs out to the anchored boats.

Then we went to Sunny Hill resort. Grumpy receptionist badly misinformed about the virus.

Here we where twice before. But with this shifty reception and charge you 50K dongs to get in, never again.

In the evening, visit to Ganesh restaurant in Mui Ne.

Ganesh is also a Hindu God. Here Martin and ViAnh in front of the mural.

All 3 in front of the mural. In Hindu.

Typical Hindu bread with a distinctive Indian taste. And ViAnh.

The card that as a weird email, pointing @gmai.com, not gmail.com.

Martin and a statue of the Hindu God Ganesh.

Hindu God Ganesha Statue is the Lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles. Lord Ganesha Statue is known to Bring prosperity and happiness in your home & Office. He is also worshipped as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth. Ganesh Sculpture can certainly be used for good Fengshui.

Tomorrow, we go to the restaurant next door, Good Morning Vietnam.

ViAnh and Martin with the God in the background.

Ganesh, Martin's favorite Indian Internet teacher. Best there is.  

On Monday June 15th, it was time for more Mui Ne where most attractions were closed. In te evening, we went to "Good Morning Vietnam" pizza restaurant.

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