Aug 17 - Sightseeing Mui Ne
The pictures below are thumbnails, meaning they are small copies of the real thing. You just click them. The weather in Norway, Thailand and Cambodia.

Aug 16
Leaving Nha Trang

Aug 17
Mui Ne

Aug 18
Leaving Mui Ne

Aug 19
Vung Tau

Aug 20
Leaving Vung Tau

Aug 21

Aug 22
Back to Nha Trang

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Travelled from Nha Trang to Mui Ne.

Our evening restaurant, The Swiss House.

Our lovely pool.

The room was very spacious with a very fancy bathroom with open sky and a really ingenious solution to how to dual-use a door. Both to the bathroom and to the shower/toilet area.

Off to the sand dunes where the kids had fun.


Phuong like to pose.


Here with a small tree.


Waiving her arms is Phuong's trademark.

Martin is going for a walk.

In Norway, we slide on snow, here the kids do it on sand.

Martin trying out the sand barefooted.

A group of kiddies having fun.


A lot of half-finished building around in Vietnam these days

But building they do.

Flats or vocational homes? We don't know.

Lovely long, white beaches.

The "The Long Winding Raod" by the Beatles. Lovely song.

Arrived at a new sand dune for bike rentals.

The logo of the rental joint.

Son on a beach buggy.

Phuong and Martin in front of an old American jeep.

It still goes.

Off onto the dunes.

The dunes go straight into the sea.

Phuong in her favorite position.

Phuong and Martin on the top of a dune.

Martin battling his way to the top. Watch the video.

Finally there.

Phuong taking photos of our jeep.

Water in the horizon.


I looks like a river, but is the sea.

Temping beaches, but the water is treacherous and it is deep very fast.

Therefore, swimming is not allowed since people has drowned here

Farewell to our guides at the rental center. But the jeep was expensive. USD 30,- for a very short trip.

Phuong collection memorial sand to bring back to Nha Trang.

Lot of empty, newly build buildings.

They fence in acres and acres of nothing. Why?

Expensive fences around nothing. Somebody must have had an idea about this.

Off to Smile river in Vung Tau.

A really lovely creek running under street level. This is downstream.

But the omnipresent rubbish is always there.

The creek upstreams.

But they ry and have set up rubbish bins.

Phuong walking back to our starting point downstreams.

Phuong walking upstream.

They even had table alongside the creek. Vietnam is a really capitalistic country with free enterprise run by one party.

Martin on his way upstreams.

Time for lunch.


First time ever. Snake on the menu.

And plastic rubbish in the sea.

Martin tried giant sea snails. Tasted like old car tires and just as tough. Utterly inedible.

But oysters are always good, baked.

Son loved the snails, or so it seemed.

He gobbled up most of them.

Martin kept one as a souvenir.

The Swiss House of Mui Ne.  Best restaurant in town.

Pole shaped like a giant bottle outside the Swiss House.

chThey had some special beer and The Blonde tasted best.

A quote from Charlie Chaplin in French. "Poetry is a love letter written to the whole world".

Martin enjoying his blonde.

Martin misunderstood "fondue". He thought is was oil and meat, but it was bread and cheese. Not what he expected. Communication problems.

Closeup of  "Poetry is a love letter written to the whole world".

Hamid and Martin in front of a picture of his home town.

Martin and Hamid, the owner of the Swiss House

On Tuesday August 18th, we were off to Vung Tau.

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