Martin & Wor August 2009

  1. Saturday
    Full day with Wor

  2. Monday
    Returning to BKK

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Map of Thailand.

Summing it all up.

Martin & Wor, August 21 -23, 2009.

There is a nice overview map of Thailand. It's worth a peep.         

Martin T. to the left, wanted to visit Wor at her home town, Kumphawapi in the periode above. But she is an old fashion Thai woman stating:

I want to learn each other until we found we love each other and can marry then we can have sex.

 She is 40 and have 3 grown children. No Western would accept a courting period for 2-3 years before getting into her pants. And no Thai man would touch her. Wor seen here to the left, what are you thinking?

Wor in front of her shop at Kumphawapi, Udon Thani some 536 kms from Bangkok. She is mighty proud of what she has accomplished here. And rightly so.

Wor in her shop looking veeery business like. And she is. You'll never get into my pants before marriage.

To the left, how to get to Wor from Bangkok. As if anyone in this world would be interested.  

Martin couldn't handle this and never went to Kumphawapi. What for?

The next day, there was nothing. Wor was alone in her shop waiting for the knight in shining armor on his white horse to swipe her off her feet. It will never happen. Wor, where are you living? On which planet?

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