Pictures from WestWood, Norway

Martin's 50 years anniversary from his graduating for high school.
Martin's plumbing suggestion, August 7, 2013.
BOW (Bjørn Owe Weiseth) making Martin pizza, June. 17th, 2013.
Martin visiting sister Ellen with Jorunn, July 6th, 2012.
Martin mowing the lawn, September 2011.

Martin visiting Alta,  March 2011
Pictures from Westwood, Winter 2011.
Pictures from Westwood, Winter 2010.
Pictures from Westwood, Summer 2009
Pictures from Westwood, Winter 2008.
Pictures from Westwood, Summer 2006.
Pictures from Westwood, Summer 2007.
Pictures from Westwood, Summer 2004.

Where in the world is Vestskogen (Westwood) on the island of Nøtterøy (NutsIsland) in Southern Norway?

To the left, you have a world map, showing where you find Europe and Norway.

To the right, a more detailed map of Scandinavia with the 5 countries that make up Scandinavia. They are Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Another view of Scandinavia.

Here you have the South-Western part of Norway where you find Nøtterøy, the county where Westwood is situated.

A detailed view of Nøtterøy, where Martin lives, at Bregnevegen 34, Vestskogen, Nøtterøy, Norway.


This picture is taken during the last year with snow, January 2004.


This dividing hedge between Martin's part of the garden and the lodger at the South end of the ground floor.
Martin's barbeque snowed under on his veranda.

The lawn of the Westwood.


Another view of the barbeque snowed under. The big pine tree  in the back is gone. It was cut down during the Summer of 2004.

The following 6 pictures were taken during the second half of 2004. This is the big pine and a white birch or Betula pubescens in Latin.

The view towards the North from the veranda.

In November, it's time to clear out for the winter. This is the veranda table ready to be covered over for the winter.

The big pine wood of yester years.

Martin's computer corner with 4 PCs and his repair shop for same.

Another view of Martin's mastodon barbeque.

The bleak autumn sun through the skinny, leafless trees towards the road.

Martin's other hobby is shooting and making ammo for his guns. Here is the workshop where all his bullets are made.

Martin's other hobby is shooting and making ammo for his guns. Here he is checking the quality of the bullets made.

Dancing is fun and a healthy and social form of exercise. Try it.

Martin and his dancing partner from Malta hard at it.

Martin with his South African shirt.

On June 13th, 2012, Martin started cutting the hedge towards the neighbor to the North.  

On Jun 3rd, Martin was cutting the lawn. There are one (100Mb), two (38Mb), three and four videos showing this. Have a look.


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